Just like that, your wedding day has come and go – and it’s time to go out with a bang. Ready or not, it’s grand exit time! Though it may seem like a simple little detail for your big day, there are endless options to consider. Confetti, flower petals, bubbles, sparklers – the list goes on. Will you make your exit on Mr. & Mrs. bicycles or hop on an old-fashioned trolley? Decisions, decisions! Lucky for us, the vendors at our events think of the most creative and fun grand exits, and we’re excited to share a few with y’all for inspiration. No matter what you choose, one thing’s for sure: the photos are going to be epic.


The NotWedding

Canvas Weddings | The 1st Chicago NotWedding


Twelve80 EventsCoastal Pedals and Paddles + Liddabits | The 2nd Charleston NotWedding


Kristen J. Scott, Day-Of Wedding Coordinator | The 3rd Athens NotWedding


Atlanta Event Studio | The 6th Atlanta NotWedding


Ashley Nicole Events | The 1st Charleston NotWedding


Amber Lay Events + Old Town Trolley Tours of San Diego | The 3rd San Diego NotWedding


Southern Affairs Weddings & Events | The Big Fake Wedding Dallas


Creative Designs & EventsThe 2nd Nashville NotWedding


Taylor Larson Group + Liddabits | The 1st Athens NotWedding


Blossom Events | The Big Fake Wedding Los Angeles

Photo Credits:
Megan Saul Photography | Clay Austin PhotographyPoppy La’Rue Photography & Design | Kaitie Bryant | MorningWild PhotographyMala Hyder Photography | Andrea Elizabeth Photography | Hannah Elaine Photography | Elle Golden Photography | You & Me Photography


 Need some inspiration to plan the rest of your wedding? You’ve come to the right place! Visit our event page to find out when The Big Fake Wedding is coming to your city – you’ll get a chance to see all your local wedding vendors in action, as well as get some ideas for your big day. See you there!

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