WeddingWire for the win, guys. These wedding industry wizards have developed an app that helps you collect all the memories from your big day in one place – and that place is in the palm of your hand. WeddingWire’s app, WedSocial, lets guests upload their photos from your wedding so you won’t have to worry about those moments you might have missed. Just wait – it gets better. At The Big Fake Wedding New Orleans, powered by WeddingWire, you’ll be able to keep track of your favorite vendors and noteworthy details, totally on-the-go. All you have to do is download the app and enter the special code for our event! And look, now you know how to use it for your own wedding, smartypants. Learn more below in today’s guest post from our friends at WeddingWire!


WedSocial – The app that lets you relive your wedding!


There are a lot of special moments throughout a wedding. From exchanging vows to exchanging toasts, weddings have a whirlpool of lasting memories. But what about those you might miss? The ones that your guests catch at exactly the right time. That is why social media is a lifesaver! It allows for them to not disappear but to be shared! Whether it is that group shot of all of your college friends being reunited on the dance floor, the groomsmen wearing their stunner Ray-Ban shades, or maybe, it is an emotional selfie of the maid of honor wiping away the bride’s tears, these photos let you relive your big day. However, sometimes it is difficult to track down every single photo that was taken at your wedding. A guest alone could end up with ten or more photos stored in their iPhone or Android’s gallery, and then, who knows where they will be shared, if at all.

Looking for a way to collect all of the photos taken by guests at your wedding in one place? You are in luck! WeddingWire’s free WedSocial app lets you do just that and more! Ask your guests to download the app, enter a unique wedding code (i.e. caitlinbrian2014) and upload all of the photos they have taken on your big day! Bonus: WedSocial provides hotel accommodation information and directions to your wedding venue! So everyone can arrive and leave on time. Afterwards, guests can also comment on or spread the “love” on your feed too.


Want to use it beforehand? At The Big Fake Wedding’s upcoming New Orleans event, we will be asking attendees to utilize WeddingWire’s free WedSocial app! Just download the app and enter the unique event code: nolacommunity. Then, take photos during the event of the detail shots you love – the sequin table linens, cascading centerpieces, or that three-tiered buttercream-frosted wedding cake you can’t stop drooling over. WedSocial will help you remember which vendors really took your breath away and make your wedding planning process that much easier on-the-go. There is no better way to be inspired than by this alternative bridal show!

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