You found your perfect match, and now you’re getting married. You book a few vendors that you’ve had your eye on, but you get stuck on music. Do you want a band or a DJ? What about your ceremony? How do you know which one to choose?! We know you want your wedding musician to perfectly fit the vision of your special day, but finding “the one” can be difficult. This is where Event Music Concierge comes in. This “music matchmaker” works with couples one-on-one to help find the perfect musician for their wedding, and best of all – it’s a complimentary service. Rebecca, the musical genius behind Event Music Concierge, makes the experience even more meaningful with her passion for music and love for people. We adore this idea and were lucky enough to see it in action at The Big Fake Wedding NYC. Learn more about this wonderful service and the story behind it in today’s Vendor Highlight!

“Rebecca and the artist she represented, Addi from Surprise the Bride, were an amazing team. Rebecca works to find you the perfect musician for your wedding, and if she finds people like Addi, then she is someone you want to work with. They were a great duo, were lovely to work with, and the song Addi wrote to surprise our bride and groom was just precious. Love them!”
The Big Fake Wedding NYC Team



Tell us a little bit about the story behind Event Music Concierge.
Event Music Concierge works one-on-one to help people book music for special events. The service itself is complimentary; we link couples with entertainment that fits their vision, and guide them through the formalities, legalities, and contracts. We work non-exclusively with acts, which is totally different than many agencies – this allows us to work independently and connect couples with acts we truly believe will suit you, acts we completely vouch for.

The idea came about as more and more of my friends were getting engaged, and had no clue where to start in booking music. Now, I have always worked in entertainment, both as a performer and a record label owner, so music is right in my wheelhouse. It dawned on me, most people have never gone through that process before.  There are so many questions…”Do we want a band or a DJ?”  “Do we want an 5-piece jazz band, an 11-piece cover band, or a 20-piece orchestra, and what in fact IS a ‘piece’?” “Oh wait, I guess we need cocktail hour music too?” When you come from a performance background, you have a certain vision of how things will sound in certain scenarios, and are familiar with the performance contracts. I realized a need to create a service that bridged the gap between artists and those looking to book them. I wanted to make the process easy and fun!


What is the best part of your job?
It’s two-fold; on one side, it’s an honor to be a part of someone’s wedding day! It brings me incredible joy. To play a small role in creating huge memories for a couple…there is nothing else like it! On the artist-facing side, I love getting to know the artists I work with more deeply. I love hearing their stories, what drives them, and of other talents they don’t get to feature as often. It excites me to find them that ideal client who will be ecstatic to utilize those hidden talents, such as a unique musical style or instrument. Just like in love, “There’s a lid for every pot”…the same holds true with music!


Why music?
Music is my foundation. While I adore event planning as a whole, coordination/florals/design/etc is not where my knowledge base lies. Entertaining is. Since I was a teeny kid I performed professionally, and as a young adult, released a few Billboard charting pop records with widespread radio airplay. I’m able to relate to artists because I come from that background. I can easily share nuances about particular acts with couples because I can feel out what’s unique in their music and energy. I’ve essentially created “music matchmaking.”


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
Find a solid team! I don’t believe in doing anything 100% alone. Start out with interns or freelancers for jobs you aren’t super skilled at, and seek mentors to learn from. Connect with others in your industry to grow alongside with, and get to know your competition. Yup, I said it – you can always learn from your competition, and who knows, you may even wind up with a project large enough to collaborate on!


What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience?
The ceremony!  It was beautiful, romantic, and in a way, it was a culmination of all the vendors working together to create something that touches your heart. We all do help create weddings, after all…and what’s better about that than love?

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