“Whether you’re in the market for a sailcloth tent or a salad fork, our team offers unrivaled service, selection, and style – all served up with a dose of southern hospitality.” If you’re looking for an extensive variety of stellar rentals for your wedding or event, meet your new best friends: EventHaus. We can hardly even put into words how incredible this rockstar rental company has been to The Big Fake Wedding, but we’ll try our best. No matter what we ask of Matt and the rest of the team at EventHaus, they consistently exceed our expectations. Not only do they do exceptional work and make it look easy, but their inventory is seriously impressive! It has been an honor working with EventHaus at several of our events – most recently the third Charleston NotWedding – and we are thrilled to feature Matt and the team in today’s Vendor Highlight.

“EventHaus goes above and beyond what you ask of them, and they have an unbelievable amount of inventory to choose from. They were so flexible and willing to bend to our needs!”
The Charleston NotWedding Team



Tell us a little bit about the story of EventHaus Rentals.
It’s late summer 2009 in Charleston. Aspiring entrepreneur Matthew McKeown was in the field slinging crystal stemware and porcelain plates to Charleston’s luxury hotels, restaurants and country clubs. With a heavy background in food & beverage, Matt was an expert in all-things tabletop. When his clients started requesting to rent the fine china and crystal that he was selling, he recognized a gap in the rental marketplace and an idea was born.

Enter Boris Van Dyck, the man behind ICEBOX. Backed by a team of talented bartenders and a full schedule of events to service, Boris needed barware – and not just something to get the job done, but unique pieces to reflect Charleston’s bevy of diverse events. At the same time, Boris’s father, master wood craftsman Theirry Van Dyck, was creating cutting-edge farm tables and antique wooden bars. These items provided the missing pieces for Matt and Boris to create Event Dining Rental Solutions (Event DRS). The company quickly raised the standard in Charleston’s event rental marketplace, providing an exceptional selection of barware, tableware and custom furniture.

Fast forward to 2012. Alex Clayson, an expert in lighting and a go-to resource for Event DRS’ tent needs, partnered with the crew to form a new company, Haus. The versatile tent company featured a strong lighting inventory and unique flooring options. As the fellas would say, Haus creates your environment and Event DRS fills it. The merger of the two companies was a natural next step – simply put, EventHaus.

And so the story goes, EventHaus was launched in July 2014. A complete event rental resource for weddings, corporate events, private parties and festivals, EventHaus offers the widest range of products in the region. Whether you’re in the market for a sailcloth tent or a salad fork, our team offers unrivaled service, selection, and style – all served up with a dose of southern hospitality.


How do you do it all and do it so well?
EventHaus wouldn’t be nearly as successful without the amazing team of people who have worked with us for many years. I couldn’t do it all and do it so well without them. I know that the best thing for a company is to hire gifted and talented people with excellent customer service and creative talents.


Who’s your biggest fan and why?
My biggest fans are my family members. My wife and mother have been integral with my success. My two cutest fans are definitely my twin boys. Working in the event industry, you work long hours, including nights and weekends. Without the huge support system my family provides, I wouldn’t have been able to explore the entrepreneurial opportunity of owning my own business.


What is the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is the satisfaction of a job well done. I love looking at an event as a whole, after set-up and right before the guests are about to arrive and seeing a beautiful, finished project. I also take great pride in running a small business that employees more than 50 people. The idea I had years ago to start an event rental company has now grown into a venture and makes a difference in people’s lives.


What is your favorite part of the NotWedding experience?
My favorite part of our NotWedding experience is the opportunity to work with different planners and vendors. It’s amazing to see the stunning, finished product executed by bringing together so many great, creative minds.

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