Is there anything better than fresh, creative floral designs for your big day? Kelley of Alchemy Flowers & Gardens has a precise and thoughtful process for her arrangements, and executes her unique ideas with grace and a smile. We absolutely loved hearing about her step-by-step design process (described below!) and every little detail that goes into her exquisite floral arrangements. It was truly a pleasure working with Kelley at the second Cape Cod NotWedding, and we are thrilled to feature her in our Vendor Highlight today.

“Kelley’s design work combined with her fun personality is a match made in heaven!”
The Cape Cod NotWedding Team



Tell us a little bit about the story behind Alchemy Flowers & Gardens.
It all started when I decorated a friends house for a Christmas party. A mutual friend who attended hired me on the spot to do her June wedding for 250 guests. Having no idea how to pull that off, I signed up for a floral design class the next day! However, what the class couldn’t teach me was experience; you learn that the hard way! I was way too ambitious and in way over my head. I designed HUGE urns full of flowers for half off the tables, and HUGER topiary tree centerpieces for the other half. Not to mention the 50 foot floral garlands to cover the staircase railings, etc. I stayed up for 3 days straight to make it happen but it all turned out perfect and was worth it. It was my own little “floral boot camp” you might say!


Who or what inspires you?
Gosh, everything around me! I LOVE color and texture! It can be in a textile or paper craft. I love embroidery or appliqué in fashions. I have a serious hoarding problem when it comes to ribbon – LOVE me some pretty ribbon! In nature, I love the delicate details of a fern, or the underside of a mushroom, or the pattern in the bark of a birch tree. At the flower market it’s anything funky, new or different!


Describe a typical day in your life.
If it’s not a wedding week it’s getting the usual business stuff done. Meeting with some clients, making some example boards for clients on Pinterest, paperwork, prepping for an upcoming wedding, maybe making some social media posts or checking out some wedding blogs to see what’s happening out there…

As for wedding weeks – Wednesday, I head to the Flower Exchange in Boston to pick up my flower order, take a look around the market to see what looks fresh and fun to add to my existing order, then drive home and start processing flowers. Everything gets cleaned and put in water. Any vases or containers that still need prepping gets done. Thursday and Friday the designing happens. Starting with the ceremony flowers, then the centerpieces, then the bouquets. Saturday morning, boutonnieres are made, everything is checked to make sure it looks good, any tweaks are made, then everything is packed up and loaded, and we head to the reception for set up. Saturday afternoon everything is set up, happy bride and groom love everything, after the party we return and clean everything up! Sunday we unload and clean everything and have a nice glass of wine to end the weekend!


What is the best part of your job?
Ultimately, it’s making a couple happy on their very special day! I love the initial meeting where I get to know them and listen to all the little clues they give me to help me make this happen. I love the details – I really try to listen to find the special details that will make the event their own. The best thing a bride ever said to me was, “This is exactly what I pictured and hoped for, only so much better.”


What is your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
It was so great to meet and work with the whole NotWedding team and all the vendors. Especially my friend Christine of Tag Design! We bounced ideas off each other and gave each other support. She made fabulous and creative paper products for all my tables and it was so fun working with her! I also loved the venue – the Sea Crest Beach Hotel is a beautiful place to get married! I was lucky enough to stay over the night before and after and they were great hosts! And of course I loved meeting all the future brides, their fiancés, friends, and family members! Oh, and did I mention the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream table? That too!

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