Austin, our wonderful Account Executive, is one of the most organized, positive, and just plain happy people in the world. She has worked in corporate event planning for years, and has this incredible way of being fun, helpful, and the epitome of positivity – while somehow remaining totally calm the entire time. We thank our lucky stars for this jackpot of personality traits that is Austin Hubbard, and feel even more grateful that we have her working for The Big Fake Wedding! Austin is even more loved by her sweet little family – including her precious pumpkin, Hayes. When she’s not listening to us gush over her new baby/compliment her in general, Austin spends her work time bringing on stellar vendors in a number of our cities. We’re excited to share a little bit about our sweet Austin in her very own highlight today!



What are the things that make you tick?
Organization (I love checklists and marking off tasks!), being around people, and building relationships.


How has work changed since you became a mama? 
My time is not my own 🙂 And the little time I have to work I have learned to be as efficient as possible. Now I have to have boundaries with work! And work is not my first priority. I still LOVE work though – I appreciate it a lot more because it’s an outlet from baby world.


What is the best advice that you’ve ever received? And who is it from?
“In marriage, always give your spouse grace.” One of my best friends, Callie Rogers.


What is your favorite part of a wedding ceremony?
Watching the groom’s face when the bride walks down the aisle and of course, the dance floor if they have a good band!

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What do you think sets The Big Fake Wedding apart from other companies?
The Big Fake Wedding thinks outside of the box and really cares about small business owners. The heart of The Big Fake Wedding is to bring people together and come up with creative, awesome ideas.


Photo Credits:
Sara Parker Photography | Karli Gribble Photography

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