“We are incredibly inspired by brides who have a vision. If a bride gives us just an inch of their vision, we run a mile with it.” More like a marathon, Deliver Paper Studio! Kelly and Sam, the dream team behind Deliver, have the most creative minds and execute their ideas to perfection. Whether you want to keep things classic or go for something more unique, these two will come up with something that suits any couple. Not only do Kelly and Sam create the prettiest paper products, they are also delightful to work with — making the whole process a dream. Let’s just say when it comes to paper, this dynamic duo knows how to Deliver. Wink wink. We were thrilled to work with Kelly and Sam at the 2nd Birmingham NotWedding and we are excited to share them on our blog today!

“Kelly and Sam are the sweetest pair! These two have an amazing talent, a clean brand, and the greatest personalities! They are a perfect choice to work with to bring your paper products to life in your own specific way! Dream team!”
The Birmingham NotWedding Team



Tell us a little bit about the inception of Deliver Paper Studio.
We are two designers who met at the graphic design studio at Auburn University. We quickly bonded over typography, long studio nights, design details and the need for sleep. We have been collaborating for years now, always sharing similar design aesthetics. During that time of side projects and collaboration, we saw a void in the creative wedding world. Thus, Deliver was born out of the need for refined paper goods for the design conscious bride.


What inspires you?
We are incredibly inspired by brides who have a vision. If a bride gives us just an inch of their vision, we run a mile with it. We love when brides are as curious, enthusiastic and interested in paper goods as we are. It helps us push the envelope (so to speak) while delivering intentional, conceptual design that meshes with the bride’s overall vision. We are also inspired by tangible design such as texture, shapes, architecture, fine art and textiles.


What is the best part about working as a team?
We would easily say there are so many benefits working as a team. Mostly, it helps with the decision making process. It requires that we slow down and have a conversation to ensure it is the correct decision rather than quickly and solely making one without someone to double check loop holes or look over details. It also helps to have two brains on a decision, whether it be a creative or financial decision. We are a strong team and enjoy bouncing ideas of each other. Lastly, we get to share meals together regularly! Our best ideas come over dinner at our weekly briefing meeting.

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List three of your favorite small businesses + why they are on your list.

Britt Bass
Britt is an incredible abstract painter straight out of the deep south. We respect all she has accomplished at her age and feel very inspired to do the same, seeing as we are similar to her in age. We adore her intentional use of color, strong shapes and powerful composition. She is confident in her art and in her capabilities, and as designers, we hope to daily experience ourselves.

Old Try
The Old Try is a print shop based around the good past, present and future ideas of the south. They pride themselves on the south’s rich history while remaining approachable, relevant and passionate and we admire their ability to connect with an audience they seem so familiar with. We also adore the medium of screen printing and enjoy watching them continually strive to perfect their craft.

Proud Mary
Proud Mary is textile business founded on intentional design, economic growth and craft preservation. The minimalistic textiles merge the gap between traditional methods and modern aesthetic. This creates an environment of relevant design with exceptional quality and high standards, which every good designer must seek. Of course we wouldn’t mind owning every piece either 🙂

View More: http://wephotographie.pass.us/kellypaper

What is your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
Being brand new in the game, making local connections was huge for us. It was incredibly helpful putting names to faces and getting to meet local vendors we have heard so much about. Also we loved getting to experience the wedding day. Being in the paper business, our job is done long before the day of the wedding so it was great to see the job come full circle while experiencing our product in person.

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