“There are always the excuses you can give yourself… But you really just have to go for it — there will be mistakes and roadblocks along the way no matter how prepared you are.” Tom and Nicole, the dynamic duo behind The Arrangement Floral Design & Events have it all figured out — they know exactly what they want and how get it done well. Not only are these two major go-getters, but their work is absolutely stunning. Their floral design is so creative, stunning, and exquisite, it kind of takes your breath away. It was an honor working with Tom and Nicole at the third NYC NotWedding, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for The Arrangement.

“This team is so incredible and their creativity shows in their work. Their floral design is beautiful and will bring so much glamour to your event. They are so much fun to work with!”
The NYC NotWedding Team



Describe The Arrangement in five words or less.
Modern, seasoned, attentive, creative and fabulous!


Who or what inspires you?
Nicole: The changing seasons, color palettes, the ocean, nature.
Tom: Theater, textiles, landscapes, Monet, Carivagio and of course, nature.


What is the best part of your day?
Nicole: Every day? Getting to see my son’s huge, beautiful, bright smile! Best part of a wedding workday? Making the brides bouquet.
Tom: Waking up to a day filled with possibilities. Best part of an event day is leaving knowing the customer was thrilled.


What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
Just do it! Our only regret is not doing this sooner. There are always the excuses you can give yourself, “I’m not ready,” “what if…” etc. But you really just have to go for it — there will be mistakes and roadblocks along the way no matter how prepared you are. I heard somewhere once that a true entrepreneur will take an order they can’t fill and figure out how to fill it after. I love that, it’s so true. If you have the mindset of “we can’t, we aren’t ready” — you never will be.

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What is your favorite part of The Not Wedding experience?
The challenge and creative freedom of getting to design based on the mood board. We could set our own limits (or lack thereof!) on what we wanted to show. It was a great chance for us to show who we are from a design perspective.

Photo Credits:
Jonathan Young Photography (1 + 2) | Modern Wedding PhotographyMcKay ImagingLelia Marie Photography


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