A couple that plays together stays together! From bike rides and daring dates to cooking and traveling, Jenny and Will do it all and do it with love. This adventurous couple met at Clemson before quickly becoming inseparable, moved to downtown Charleston, and were married on picturesque Sullivan’s Island five years later. They love their sweet pup Loosey, trying new things, and most of all, each other. Read more about Jenny and Will’s sweetest stories in their very own Sappy Love Story.

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From Jenny:
Will and I met in college at Clemson University our freshman year but it wasn’t until our senior year that we began dating. Following graduation, I moved back home to Charleston where Will soon followed. We each lived downtown off of King Street with friends and really grew as a couple during this time spent together, which included getting our dog Loosey! We were married 5 years later at Stella Maris Church on Sullivan’s Island and the reception was at the William Aiken House. Both of these locations are very near and dear to our heart. I grew up as a member of Stella Maris Church and Will joined me once he moved to Charleston. The William Aiken House is on King Street, which is the area downtown where we spent a lot of time with each other following college. We consider it our “stomping grounds.”

From Will:
We met at college and almost immediately became inseparable. If I was doing anything, I wanted her to be there with me. From tailgating to running, we did everything together our senior year of college. When we graduated, we both moved to Charleston, just off of upper King Street. This was before it had become popular and we got to grow with the area. Being able to explore all of Charleston together are some of my favorite memories. We have been growing and exploring ever since.


What was the most unique part of your engagement story?
Our engagement story is unique because its our own. Will spent months taking me on bike rides so I wouldn’t think anything was out of the ordinary when he suggested a bike ride on that evening. He knew the proposal meant a lot to me and spent time gathering friends and family to celebrate with us. But he made sure the actual proposal was private, which was very important to him. He is not very showy and wanted it to be an intimate moment. I loved that the moment was intimate, followed by a great surprise celebrating with everyone afterwards!

What was the absolute best memory from your wedding day?

The best memory from our wedding day is a tie between seeing Will and walking down the aisle to him and celebrating with friends and family at the reception. It truly was the best day. Having both of our families and all of our friends dancing the night away and celebrating our love is irreplaceable. The feeling surrounding the whole day was very special and something we will never be able to recreate.

My favorite memory from our wedding day has to be when I first saw Jenny. I was at the altar and when the doors opened, her veil flew back and sun was behind her — it was almost as if she was glowing.


What is the best gift you have ever given each other?

The best gift Will has given to me is his love and acceptance for who I am. Will loves me for who I am and never expects me to be anything else.

The best gift was Loosey, our dog. Really it was a gift to both of us, but I surprised her with it. She’s been one of the brightest parts of our lives together.

What is the best date you have ever had?
I would have to say the best date was early in our relationship, which is why it is sticking out in my mind. The beginning of the relationship when you are falling in love is a hard sentiment to beat. We were in college at Clemson and had a previous conversation about how neither of us had been to the Botanical Gardens. One evening, he called me and asked if I was free — luckily for him, I was :). He picked me up in his Tahoe and took me to the Botanical Gardens. He set up a sleeping bag on the roof of his car and had a bottle of wine for us to enjoy. About 30 minutes into the date, a police man walked over to inform us that the gardens are closed after dusk. Will quickly recovered by moving the date to the lake where we sipped on wine looking at the stars and talking about life. That was the night I knew I loved him.

What inspires you about each other?

He inspires me to be a better person. He inspires me to be a better sister and daughter. Being selfless, he inspires me to be less selfish. His loyalty and determination inspires me. His work ethic, honesty and integrity inspire me. His love inspires me; he will never give up.

I’m always inspired by Jenny’s smile, energy and loving nature. She has such a big heart.


What is the most awesome thing about your marriage?
The most awesome thing about our marriage is that we truly make each other happy. We genuinely love spending time together and being adventurous. Will is always thinking of new things to do and I am on board. We love to cook, be active and travel; we share an interest and passion for food and we love being tourists in our own town. We are not perfect. There are days when we are not each others favorite person but we are comfortable with that. We know that there will be ups and downs and we’re not afraid of it. We tackle the hard times and are learning to tackle them more quickly. There is no room for egos in marriage. We are a team and we are each other’s biggest fans. We are best friends and at the end of every day we know that we are in it until the end. There is nothing more comforting.

What advice would you give an engaged couple?
Advice I would give to an engaged couple is to of course enjoy your time being engaged. Continue dating each other but also remember that this time should be used to prepare for a lifetime together. It is easy to get caught up in everything that goes into planning a wedding, the parties and celebrations but taking the time to prepare for the commitment you are going to make is important. Go to premarital counseling and remember the big picture!

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We invite you to join us as Jenny and Will will be tying the NOT at the third Charleston NotWedding tomorrow night at Historic Rice Mill. There are still a few tickets available so grab yours here now!

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