Do you believe in fate? We sure do after hearing Lauren and Jonathan’s story. Although they crossed paths several times, shared numerous mutual friends, went to the same college, and frequented the same places, the pair finally met on their own accord years later. Sometimes people just need to find their own way to each other when the timing is right, and with these two, timing was everything.

We are so excited to celebrate Lauren and Jonathan as they tie the NOT at the very first Chattanooga NotWedding at Waterhouse Pavilion at Miller Plaza tomorrow night! We hope that you will join us for the party – grab a ticket here.



Lauren and Jonathan honestly crossed paths multiple times before they officially met. They should have somehow crossed paths at Lee University as Lauren left and Jonathan started. Their handful of mutual friends should have introduced them sooner, as they would hang out with the same friend nights apart, and even missed being introduced to each other when they often ended up at the same shows with the same friends.


They ended up meeting on their own accord years later in Atlanta. As they often reflect and chuckle about how they ironically met, their relationship is “the only good thing that ever came from Facebook.” After graduating from Lee, Jonathan moved to Atlanta to get his Masters at Georgia Tech. Being new to Atlanta he was in search of some connections and friends to expand his network in the new city. He used the one social network tool we all know so well to look for people who were Alumni of Lee University who also lived in Atlanta, which led him to find Lauren. The “friend request” and polite Facebook message sent was not the kick-off to their best friendship and love-life. It wasn’t for another six months until they connected over a funny experience they both happened to share on social media — missing a court date for a silly road violation ticket. The first post by Lauren and Jonathan’s timely & witty comment sent sparks flying — communication-related, humor-filled chemistry sparks, that is. From that first comment to today, they became best friends, fell in love, and have seen each other (almost) every day since.


Jonathan and Lauren joyfully got married in Atlanta at Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center on June 8, 2013. What a story, what a couple.

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Sara Renee Photography (1 + 3) | Tony Gambino Photography (2)


We invite you to join us as Lauren and Jonathan will be tying the NOT at the first Chattanooga NotWedding tomorrow night at Waterhouse Pavilion at Miller Plaza. There are still a few tickets available so grab yours here now!

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