“I couldn’t fathom a single event where one could draw such a breadth of work that had the potential to bring tears of laughter and then of joy in the same setting.” This is how photographer + videographer James McCoy realized what he was meant to do — and we’re SO glad that he did. His swoon-worthy wedding videos are the kind that bring tears to your eyes, a smile to your face, and goosebumps that just won’t go away. A true family man, James knows that marriages need support; that’s why he works to provide a way for couples to relive one of the best days of their life — and share that joy for years to come. It was truly an honor to work with James this summer at the 2nd Charleston NotWedding.

“James is a rock star. He has a way of carrying himself with complete confidence and complete humility! He is so kind and wonderful to work with as well as producing an amazing product! He is a wonderful choice for shooting your big day just the way you want to remember it!”
The Charleston NotWedding Team



Describe James McCoy in five words or less.
Husband, father, builder, surfer, sarcastic.


Why do you do what you do?
I do what I do because I believe that marriages need loads of support and what better way to support a couple than with images or films that will help them look back into their wedding and share that joy for years to come.


What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? 
The biggest risk I have ever taken was moving to Charleston a few years ago. I didn’t have a job, knew only one person, and was just a few months away from getting married.  It proved to be the right decision as our business has blossomed from nothing and I have formed some fantastic relationships, eaten some of the best food to be had in the southeast, and my wife and I have one (soon to be two!) sweet little boys.


Who is your biggest fan?
My biggest fan is probably my son, Liam. He’s two and is all about some daddy. At least for now…


What is your favorite part of The NotWedding experience? 
My favorite part of The NotWedding was twofold; I loved getting to work alongside some really creative vendors I had never met or knew were in the game, and the staff.  For people who spend their days dealing with so many vendors and sponsors and all the trappings of busy people, they were truly some of the nicest and most considerate crew I’ve worked with.


More from James McCoy:
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