Erin and Will met during college in Kansas State, but didn’t start seriously dating until a few years after graduation. After their courtship, they were married on New Year’s Eve on the beach in the Grand Cayman Islands. They moved from Kansas City to Wichita in 2006 and now happily reside there with their sons. These two love birds will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary this year and we are honored to celebrate them at the 2nd Wichita NotWedding! Cheers to solid and committed marriages.

We are thrilled to celebrate Erin and Will as they tie the NOT at the 2nd Wichita NotWedding at Eaton Venue tomorrow night! We hope that you will join us for the party – grab your ticket here.



From him:

I believe the true measure of someone’s integrity is what is said about them when they are not in the room. I am very certain that you would be hard pressed to find someone with a negative thing to say about Erin. I am inspired by her kindness to others that I witness every day, her ability to raise our boys with the same integrity that she practices, and her uncanny ability to melt the hearts of children. She is a true beauty inside and out!

As time moves forward, situations are going to arise that can lead to conflict and disagreements that can become heated. A tool to help in making decisions in these stressful times is how is this going to affect me in 10 minutes, 10 months, and 10 years? Using this method of decision making will hopefully keep couples from making poor decisions in “the heat of the moment” and try and look at how their life will be truly affected. The methods used to make these decisions will keep us moving down the path towards our values.

From her:

Simple as it sounds, the most amazing part of our wedding day was when we were pronounced husband and wife. I had a grin ear to ear! I’m not going to lie…wearing my dress was amazing! I still wear it around the house.

The best gift we have given each other- is each other! We just work. I’m silly – he’s serious, he’s outgoing – I’m shy, he laughs at all my super awesome jokes! We both love our life we have built, love our three boys more than anything, and are best friends.

Photo: Jennifer Miller Photography


We invite you to join us as Erin and Will will be tying the NOT at the 2nd Wichita NotWedding tomorrow at Eaton Venue. There are still a few tickets available so grab yours here now!

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