Making a wedding website can be such a fun activity for engaged couples — picking out your favorite photos, telling your sweet story, sharing your registry — but only if you’re a computer whiz, right? Wrong! Squarespace, our favorite custom wedding website builder, provides a fun and easy way to create a beautiful, totally customizable wedding webpage for lovebirds everywhere. Squarespace offers several templates to fit each couple’s style and let their personality shine through, making each site truly unique. It is an honor to have Squarespace as our National Wedding Website Builder, and we are thrilled to introduce them as our Vendor of the Week.



What is Squarespace?
Squarespace is a web-based platform that lets anyone create beautiful custom websites without having to know any code.


What are the perks of using Squarespace versus other wedding website builders?
Customization: Squarespace is extremely customizable which is great for couples who want to make sure that colors, fonts, monograms and other design features are consistent across each element of their wedding.

Responsive design: Squarespace sites are designed to look great and load quickly on smart phones and tablets.

All-in-one: Squarespace sites have tons of useful functionality, including cash registries and custom online RSVP forms.


How do I get started?
We’ve designed a half dozen wedding website templates that provide a great jumping off point for engaged couples. Start by uploading some of your favorite photos and adding in your wedding details and get creative from there.


The best feature about Squarespace is ____________.
Our templates are super flexible and serve as jumping off points for couples to create websites that reflect their true personality.


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