Jeremy and Nedra met in Nedra’s hometown, Atlanta, GA, while Jeremy was on tour with his band. Love letters and adventures together between a small town in Alabama that Jeremy grew up in and Georgia caused them to fall head first in love with each other. They dated for a year before Jeremy got down on one knee and then got married on August 31st of 2008 in Birmingham, where the Springers decided to call home. Jeremy and Nedra have been married for six amazing years, have two beautiful children (Sela Rose and Zion), a cuddly golden doodle, and they live a life of love and hope because of Jesus.

We are thrilled to celebrate Nedra and Jeremy as they tie the NOT at the 2nd Birmingham NotWedding at The Avon Theater tonight! We hope that you will join us for the party – grab your ticket here.



What is the most awesome thing about your marriage?
Nedra: Marriage is the greatest gift, and I am so thankful to share it with the most incredible man that I can’t believe I get to call my husband. I am so thankful to begin and end each day with Jeremy. He is my best friend, my love, my soul mate and father of our children and I fall more in love with him every day. Marriage with him is filled with so much joy, laughter, play and adventure, and I am so excited for what is next on this journey together.


What was the absolute best memory from your wedding day?
Nedra: My favorite memory from our wedding day was when I walked down the aisle to “Fix You” by Coldplay, and met eyes with Jeremy, I’ll always have his tear filled expression from that moment engraved in my heart for the rest of our lives. Every time I hear that song I tear up thinking back on that day and moment.


What is the best date you have ever had?
Jeremy: There has been so many amazing dates over the past seven years that I’ve known this beloved woman, so it’s hard to pinpoint just one, but there is a recent moment in a date/trip that I will never forget. Almost two years ago we decided to drive up to Tennessee and stay outside of Nashville for a night or two. While driving through the countryside, we saw a picturesque field with slight rolling hills that seemed to be just begging for a couple of crazy love birds to go running through it. So we pulled over, jumped a fence, and held hands as we took off running into the wind, wild and free. It was as if that moment and that field was made for us. When we finally caught our breath and stopped laughing just enough to get a few words out, Nedra looked at me and said “I’m so happy”. Simple, yet powerful words. I then said, “Me too” as we ended up lying down and watching the sky.


What advice would you give an engaged couple?
Jeremy: A few things…

Always position yourself to first receive the love of God everyday and in every moment so that you can love your wife or husband to the fullest. By doing this, not only can you love each other better, but you also release the expectation of each other trying to meet the deepest need that ultimately only God can and is intended to meet.

Always choose to believe the absolute best of each other in all situations, conversations, and moments.

Remember that at the end of the day, it’s your heads that hit the pillow together, not anyone else. Put each other first.

Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more together!

Photo Credits:
Benzaia Photography (2 + 4)


We invite you to join us as Nedra and Jeremy will be tying the NOT at the 2nd Birmingham NotWedding tonight at The Avon Theater. There are still a few tickets available so grab yours here now!

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