Liz and Blue met in graduate school at Columbia University, and quickly realized life was better together. They were married March 26, 2010 at The Foundry in Long Island City. They love comic books, going on adventures, and most of all, each other.

We are thrilled to celebrate Liz and Blue as they tie the NOT at the 3rd New York NotWedding at The Green Building tonight! We hope that you will join us for the party – grab your ticket here.



From Him:

“The lovely Liz and I met at Teachers College Columbia where we were both getting our Master’s. She stuck out like a rockstar with her spunky style. We got married March 26, 2010 at The Foundry in Long Island City.”

“I remember walking into a small room and checking in with each other before our first dance to make sure we both felt ready, even though we were nervous. It was great being together. Better than that, though, was seeing her coming down the aisle looking so radiant and utterly amazing. The best physical gift could be our wedding rings, since we have each other’s names engraved inside — that way her name is always with me. At our wedding, the priest actually gave us each the wrong ring by accident which added a bit of humor. A gift that I gave Liz that I felt proud of, though, was a pair of antique earrings that I spotted and just knew would look great on her and fit her style — even though it wasn’t for any occasion.”

“Liz never ceases to amaze and inspire me. She is big-hearted, hard-working, and creative. I’ve seen her pick up challenging new skills and attack new problems where others might have gotten paralyzed with fear. She’s like a force of nature when she puts her mind to getting something done and doing it well. She’s also quite lovable; I’ve met many former students of hers and colleagues who admire her greatly.”

From Her:

“The most unique part of our engagement story was that Blue drew a comic for me about an epic adventure about finding the love of his life — complete with dragons. I was laughing so hard I could barely say YES!!”

“My husband is the smartest man I know. He has a mind for math and I find it very sexy — though sometimes when he asks if I want to hear a cool new math trick, I kind of have to pretend that I’m super-duper excited. Maybe I shouldn’t say that.”

“The best memory of our wedding day is that we kissed at the wrong time! The priest was like, ‘not yet!’ and then I couldn’t stop laughing the rest of the ceremony because he had my red lipstick on his face for the ‘I do’s.’ Oops!”

“The most awesome thing about our marriage is being a family unit. It warms my heart to create our own family traditions and know that I am always a part of something this special. So cheesy, so true. Our love is always developing, changing, and getting better!”

“Our advice to an engaged couple is that marriage is awesome, but it’s consistent compromise and you can’t be a selfish person. A good rule of thumb for me is that if each person gives 60%, then it’s always all good.”

Photo Credit:
Cassidy Parker Smith Photography


We invite you to join us as Liz and Blue will be tying the NOT at the 3rd New York NotWedding tonight at The Green Building. There are still a few tickets available so grab yours here now!

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