From bridesmaid to posse to makeup artist vendor, this girl has done it all for The NotWedding. As a bride, you should be the blushing belle of your own ball – blissful, stress-free and flawless. Most of us gals need a little bit of help on our big day and Hayley Bidez is one of those vendors that can make it happen. She is truly an artist with an incredible personality – and our very own, Ashley, describes her perfectly below. It was an honor to work with Hayley on the 8th Atlanta NotWedding as well as the 2nd Nashville NotWedding.

“Hayley Bidez is creative in so many ways, but it’s clear that she is able to combine all of her talents to be one fantastic makeup artist. She’s so easy to be around – personable, understanding and encouraging – so you never spend a second in her chair worrying about how you look. Instead, you’re chatting and laughing about life while Hayley works her magic. My favorite thing about her style is that she doesn’t try to bury your natural features under lots of fake-looking makeup. She accentuates what’s naturally beautiful about you. I’ve had my makeup done before and looked in the mirror to a face I barely recognize. Although it might be technically good makeup, it doesn’t feel comfortable to walk around all day feeling like you don’t look like yourself. Every time I see another image of Hayley’s work, I love knowing that each client looks like themselves with just a little more “pop!” I would recommend Hayley to anyone who is looking for a light, natural look for their wedding day and to anyone who wants to feel completely comfortable with the whole process: from application to the end of the night.”
Ashley Buzzy McHugh, The NotWedding Creative Director


Describe your style in five words or less.
Wild and sweet with dancer fever!


Who or what inspires you?
I get inspired by many things. I am a visual artist so a color or patterns catch my eye in an artistic way, but I am awesome inspired by people who work hard and play hard. Those people who are working hard to make ends meet, but chasing their dream and goals at the same time.


If you weren’t a makeup artist, what would you be?
I am actually in the middle of a new project. It involves a green thumb, but that’s all I can really say about it now. I know I don’t want to be known by just my career, but what I create outside of it. It’s important for me to keep searching for ways to leave a mark in my life and the people surrounding me. There is a lot of beauty and avenues to grow inside and out of in a lifetime.


What is your biggest source of encouragement?
My husband and my day oners. The people I share my heart with and ride or die until the end. Community is important, but its in the small circles that the heart of love stems from. I draw near to the people who have had the hardest lives, the struggle, and live to tell about it. Those people are my encouragers.


What is your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
I have always loved The NotWedding. The best people help run the show and you get to meet more local vendors. The connections are the best part, for sure!

Photo Credits:
Maile Lani Photography | OneNine Images | Haley Sheffield Photography (3 + 4)


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