Savanna and Matt met at Georgia College and State University. They were married February 22, 2013 in Decatur, Georgia at the Old Courthouse on the Square. They love record stores, really good restaurants, humor, family, friends and Athens, GA. They are real, their love is incredible and they are just pretty awesome. 

We are thrilled that Savanna and Matt will be tying the NOT at the 3rd Athens NotWedding at The Classic Center tomorrow! We hope you enjoy their Sappy Love Story from Savanna’s perspective. 


The most unique part of our engagement story was that Matt proposed in a candlelit whitewashed house that my parents were building. It was the perfect, intimate engagement for me. To me it said “We are simple, we are close, and we will always be a home in progress.”


The best memory of our wedding day was that my dad married us. He wrote each of us a love letter and read it during the ceremony. We, along with all of our family and friends wept and treasured every moment as a gift. We value marriage. Having a dad profess his love to his children in front of a room filled with people was beautiful and honoring. Everyone in the room was able to witness why we wanted to be together forever.


The best gift we have ever given each other was probably our adventure of moving to Athens, GA. When we were engaged, we were both unhappy with our jobs where we were and we felt like our community lacked culture. We decided we would let each other quit our jobs (two months before our wedding) and move to Athens, GA. I grew up on a farm outside of Athens and we took many day trips to Athens over our years together. It was the perfect, eclectic, home-grown, transparent place for us – we love it.

The best date we ever had was probably our first wedding anniversary. We stayed in a renovated airstream in East Nashville for five days. We rummaged through every record store, antique store, restaurant, and coffee shop that Nashville had. It also snowed while we were there and yet we stayed cozy in our airstream and bath house.


The most awesome thing about our marriage is that we have a lot of fun and we are really honest with each other. We have never taken ourselves really seriously. Don’t get us wrong, we have had our share of arguments, but we are not afraid to apologize or forgive each other. Loving each other is easy, I think we both will admit that we think each other are two of the coolest people we have ever met. There are moments, as in any marriage, that we question and doubt each other, yet we still choose each other over anything else, thats what love is to us: a choice.

Our advice to an engaged couple: register for everything you want. Never again will people give you this much free stuff – just saying.

Photo Credit:
Kayla Johnson Photography


We invite you to join us as Savanna and Matt will be tying the NOT at the 3rd Athens NotWedding tomorrow at The Classic Center. There are still a few tickets available so grab yours here now!

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