Great vendors make the world go ’round…well, the wedding world at least. Vendors like Carolyn help to transform great events into out-of-this-world events. It’s because of awesome folks like Ultrapom that the very 1st Kansas City NotWedding was such a success!

“Carolyn went way above her contracted duties. She provided linens to vendors for the Tunnel of Love, rehearsal dinner and the actual event. She brought in more than she had to in order to allow vendors to play. She was helpful during the preparation, and during the event. She made a point to mingle with guests and truly blew us away with her hospitality. Needless to say, she was given a few bottles of champagne at the end of the event!”
Ashley Moore, Kansas City Production Manager



So, what’s in the name – what is Ultrapom?
Nonsense mostly.  Back in the day, there was a little cartoon site called Homestar Runner. On this site there was a character called Pom Pom, and a catchphrase “seriously, Pom Pom.” My friends and I started referring to each other as Carolynpom, Bethpom, etc. I wanted something that was short, but unique, and rolled off the tongue easily as a website name – ultrapom dot com.


Describe your business in one sentence or less.
We love to share: Ultrapom is your source for specialty decor rentals.


Where do you source your inspiration?
I source inspiration from three main places: 1. my customers, when they request new rental items (this is the most successful, so far); 2. other vendors, especially when we collaborate for fun things like photo shoots and The NotWedding; and 3. the Internet, just like everyone else!


How do you keep up with the happenings of the industry? Any tips or tricks?
The best way to know about what is going on locally is to attend networking events.  It’s a great way to meet vendors and to hear about what people are doing. 


What is your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
I loved getting to work with such a great group of vendors! 

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