Making jewelry dreams come true … I mean, who doesn’t want their jeweler described like that? Jessie of Jessie Jordan Jewelry is kind, easy to work with and cutting edge in the jewelry world. We were thrilled to have her on board for the 2nd Athens NotWedding, but also look forward to having her join us for a few more events this season.

“Jessie Jordan has an eye like any other! She has so much talent and such a gift for making you feel heard and can seriously make your jewelry dreams come true. She has a unique style that pushes the envelope of bridal jewelry and is perfect for someone who wants their jewelry to have a character all their own!”
Samantha Cole, Athens Production Manager


Short description of your business
I design and create handmade jewelry and metalwork pieces. I focus largely on bridal designs that range from engagement rings, men’s and women’s wedding bands, and bridesmaid jewelry. I love making unique pieces that really help showcase a bride’s individuality and personal style.


How did you get involved with metalwork and jewelry design?
I could say that I’ve always loved jewelry so on and so forth, but the truth is that jewelry was cast upon me. Three very specific events serendipitously led me to take the Intro to Jewelry and Metals class at The University of Georgia. The first day of class I knew that it wasn’t crazy for me to follow those pushes at all.


Why do you do what you do?
I find a lot of joy and happiness in a studio environment. I love working with my hands and creating. I like it when I’m trying new techniques and nothing goes right. That’s when you start to develop your own techniques and come to conclusions or designs that you might not have ever thought up. It’s important to do something that can consistently keep you thrilled.


What is your favorite gem or metal to work with and why?
Hands down, colored rose cut diamonds are my absolute favorite! Rose cut refers to the cut of the diamond, which means that the majority of the facets are on the top of the stone and the bottom is flat. But the cut isn’t what makes them so special to me, it’s the array of colors and their own distinctive traits. I’ve looked at a countless number of these diamonds and never have I seen two that look the same. Rose cut diamonds give me the opportunity to give a bride a ring that is truly unique.


Who or what inspires you?
My dad, who has owned and operated his own business as a mechanic for 20+ years, inspires me. His work ethic is admirable. Showing me that it’s not always easy to be a small business owner, but worth it to some. His resourcefulness and knowledge of tools has helped me to develop a love and sense of pride for handmade objects.


What is your favorite part about The NotWedding experience?
The connectivity that comes along with the event. I love meeting vendors that are just as passionate about their craft as you are about your own. I’m always blown away by the supportiveness of the staff of The NotWedding. They go above and beyond because they sincerely want great things for their vendors.

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Rustic White Photography | Jessie Jordan Jewelry (2 + 3) | From the Hip (4 +5)

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