You’ve already caught a glimpse of this precious couple in their save the date shoot and this is the behind-the-scenes story of their unique, steadfast love for each other. Kansas State sweethearts Katie and Micah will renew their vows at the 1st Kansas City NotWedding tomorrow at the Berg Event Space. The passion and dedication these two have for each other is truly inspiring. Enjoy this quirky Sappy Love Story from Katie and Micah. 


Groom’s Version:
We dated for a year in college. Broke up. Met for coffee seven years later and got married shortly after we drank from our lattes of love.


Bride’s Version:
Kansas State University was the breeding ground of our love.

The very first time we met was at Christian Challenge, a campus ministry. He sat a few empty seats down from me.

I didn’t really notice him until we started worshipping. There was something really sweet and authentic about his worship – it caught my attention. I didn’t want to get caught checking him out, so I stared at his toes. (I didn’t realize how creepy that sounded until this very moment. Oh well, they are my toes now).

Then he asked me to borrow a pen. My opportunity to check him out had arrived as I passed him my turquoise pen. What I saw was very, very, very nice.

Turned out we had mutual friends, so we spent the summer hanging out. By the end of the summer, I was done. Sign on the dotted line. Hitch your wagon to mine. He was set apart. No other options existed.

Come to find out, these were shared sentiments. We ended up dating for a glorious and horrible year. We were dumb and in love. Dangerous combo.

Then the Lord made it painfully and annoyingly clear that He wanted us to break it off. So we did. I was absolutely heartbroken. He graduated and went his way (Africa), and I went mine (Wichita). I would occasionally stalk him on Myspace, but that was the extent of it.

About three years later, he looked me up to see if I wanted to get together and hear about his trip to Africa. Oh man, did I want to! I said “yes, please!” But again, I didn’t have a peace about it. Cuss.

I was so frustrated with the Lord. I told Him in my sassiest internal voice, “Fine! If you don’t want me to hang out with him then make him call it off!” Wouldn’t you know, it wasn’t five minutes later that Micah called and said he didn’t have a peace about meeting up and so we cancelled. More cussing.

Fast forward four more years. It was your typical September afternoon in Facebook land when it happened. I got THE friend request! It was the most monumental friend request in the history of social media.

Shortly after our newfound Facebook friendship, he asked me to have coffee with him. I was bracing for the “no” from the Lord, but I wasn’t getting it. So I got all tanned up, and off to coffee we went. Oh geez, I could have proposed to him before we got the check.

Still bracing for the “no” from God, we started talking more and more. The “no” never came.

We started officially dating in February, we were engaged in March and hitched in August. Ain’t nobody got time to wait around. We had babies to make (sorry Mom and Dad if you’re reading this).

Micah was part of a church family that made its home in the middle of the inner city of Kansas City. So after the wedding, I moved my little, middle class, blonde self to the inner city. #cultureshock.

But that’s a whole other story.

Micah and I are polar opposites. Sometimes all I can see is how different we are and how hard this “one flesh” stuff can be. But then I remind myself that this was the Lord’s doing — not mine. So I take a minute to trust Him. I take my eyes off the proverbial waves, look at Jesus, and keep walkin’ on the marital waters.

I’m thankful for “us” and for our story. It has forced me to need more of Jesus. It’s taught me to trust the Lord’s “no.” I now see that there is always a much cooler “yes” on the other side of our obedience (Isaiah 1:19).

I adore my Micah. Even when I want to throw a shoe at his face, I’d still give him the last piece of bacon.

And now we make really ridiculously amazing babies (see for yourself, below). My dream is for Jesus to give us 21 more babies and our own reality show called “Schmidt Happens.”


Gina Dreher Photography (1 +2) | Personal

We hope that you are planning to join Katie and Micah as they renew their wedding vows tomorrow at the very first Kansas City NotWedding at the Berg Event Space. There are a few tickets left – you can grab yours online here!

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