We just love vendors who know how to make it happen and how to make it happen beautifully. Leah Drisdell of Alabaster & Ivory Events is one of those vendors – a former member of corporate America, Leah uses her incredible personality coupled with her eye for details to make your big day absolutely perfect. The 2nd Athens NotWedding went off without a hitch because Leah was handling the day-of coordination; we invite you to learn a little bit more about her and her young, quite successful business.

“If you want to make sure every detail, relational and decor, are completely taken care of Leah is your girl! She is such a calming and powerful presence to have right at your side making sure everything happens the way it’s supposed to, and if it doesn’t, she’s got all the know-how to make whatever she needs to work!”
Samantha Cole, Athens Production Manager

Short description of your business.
Alabaster & Ivory Events is an Atlanta-based event planning company, but we plan and help coordinate events all over Georgia. Founded just last year, we have hit the ground running and are already familiar with some of the coolest wedding spots in the ATL and surrounding areas. Making events go off “without a hitch” is our thing!


Why do you do what you do?
To say that I am a detail-oriented person is putting things mildly. I really like a good schedule, and I thrive on making things happen like clockwork. Being an event planner has been a fantastic outlet for some of my more Type-A tendencies.


Who or what inspires you?
Is it corny to say love inspires me? Probably, but I just don’t care. Love is one of the strongest emotions. It is the driving force behind much of what we do, and it is an inspiring thing to see so many couples declare their love for one another for “better or worse.” The pure joy and happiness that comes from an event centered entirely around one couples’ love for one another is impossible to find anywhere else. I work in the happiest industry out there, and I just adore it…or should I say love it?


Best event you’ve ever been a part of.
That’s a really tough one. I honestly can’t pick just one. There have been some awesome things at all of the events I have been a part of; from old family traditions like “jumping the broom” and traditional Norwegian folk dances and songs to awe-inspiring venues like the Blue Ridge Mountains and historic mansions around Atlanta. It would be impossible for me to pick just one event. There is something that I have loved so dearly about each one.


What is your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
So many brides ask me what to expect from The NotWedding, and I always tell them it is a big party. It is a lot more than that though. I just don’t want to scare them off with my enthusiasm and passion.  I could tell them about how awesome all of the vendors always are, or how cool it is to go to a full blown “fake” wedding, or how you will get more swag in your “trick-or treat” gift bag than you can even handle gracefully, or even how infallibly good the desserts always are… oh yes, and don’t forget the dancing!

But, my favorite part of The NotWedding is watching the Not Couple renew their vows to one another.  I have been to quite a few NotWedding celebrations through the years. The vows are always uniquely different but the celebration of love and marriage is always the same. Planning a wedding is just the start, but you are truly beginning to plan the rest of your life with another person. Having a solid foundation to build that on is so crucial. Even with all the glitz and glamour The NotWedding has never lost sight of what these newly engaged couples are truly preparing for: a solid marriage, because “Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.” (I Cor. 13:7) All of this is showcased in perfect clarity for every couple to see as a reminder to never lose sight of what is truly important in marriage.

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