One of the best parts about our job here at The NotWedding is getting to meet amazing folks that are doing amazing things across the country. We love using this space to spread the good news about products and personalities that we believe in. Ari of Chykalophia Design is one of those vendors – she joined us for the 1st Wichita NotWedding last fall and is on board for the 1st Chicago NotWedding this August. Young, creative, driven and talented pretty much sum up Ari and her business philosophy. We invite you to read and look on…


What the heck does Chykalophia mean?
Chykalophia (read: si-ka-lo-fia) is a made up word that I created back in high school during biology class. It means making an idea and crafting it into something extraordinary and pretty.


In one sentence or less, explain the design template e-store to us.
Chykalophia Store is our online e-commerce platform for premium design items such as pre-designs wedding stationery suites, baby announcements, other social stationery pieces, and more great things.


What is/was the scariest thing about your professional life?
Not being able to keep up with the latest trend and technique in design. Though after realizing that I have my own style in every single design I created, I feel that I don’t have to follow the latest trend anymore, I strive to create one and sometimes only use latest trend and technique as reference/guide to complement my designs.


What is your ultimate career goal?
I’d say…being known as someone that you can trust and rely on for a design project. Sometimes it hurts me when a client tries to dictate me on how I should create a design, though, it will be a better experience for both me and the client when there’s trust involved in the project and knowing that we’re working on the project together.


What is the best part about The NotWedding experience?
The NotWedding is a totally different experience in so many ways…from witnessing the fake wedding, mingling and chit chatting with the real brides who attended the event directly, showcasing my work, working alongside with other wedding professionals to wedding blog exposure. Now that is one great experience for me.

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City Love Photography | Tuan H. Bui PhotographerWojoimage Photography | Millie B. PhotographyChykalophia Design

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