We love taking The NotWedding to new markets, especially when those new markets impress us as much as they have this year. The 1st Birmingham NotWedding blew us away with incredible southern hospitality and crazy talented vendors who are still amazing us. Heather of Adorned European Floral Design is one of those vendors – an artist who throws her sweet personality and love for aesthetics into every floral masterpiece she creates.

“Heather is such a loving and respectful woman. Absolutely talented and creative as well as wonderful to work with – she really knows her design and executes it amazingly!”
Samantha Cole, Birmingham Production Manager


Describe your personal style for us.
I create fresh, natural, textural arrangements with an “in the moment” style: floral material in a full-blown state; flowers at their most glorious. It speaks life to me as I appreciate the beauty and shape of natural growth rather than forced form. Each life is a beautiful story. In gathering and arranging, my work lets me marvel at the story still to be told.


What is your favorite flower? And why?
The peony always comes to mind as a favorite. I see it as a sly and mysterious bloom– starting as an innocuous small green bud, exploding into layer after beautiful layer of color and texture. The more colorful ranunculus and dahlia are similar “surprise parties in a vase” for me.


Do you have a green thumb?
Living in England gave me the false idea that I could grow anything! My courtyard full of pots easily overflowed with color due to the climate. It did not take long for the reality to be exposed upon our return to America. I recall my husband’s gift, a “new” species of hydrangea: the “die-drangea”. He knew it’s days were numbered.


How did your degree and eye for Interior Design help you in the floral industry?
Interior design is form, function and spatial relationships. That same eye for sight lines and balance is the foundation for my floral designs. The same can be said for color, pattern and texture with living materials.


Photo Credits:
Nolen Photography (2, 3, 4) | Adorned European Floral Design (1 + 5)

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