These two writers and love birds really need no introduction – their witty story and infectious smiles say it all. We are pumped to celebrate Lagina and Chris as they tie the NOT at tomorrow’s 2nd New York NotWedding


Sitting at a dinner party in my former roommates apartment with several other couples and one other single woman was not my idea of a stellar Saturday night. Earlier that day, I spent money I could not spare to have a “professional” makeup artist load my face with spackle while he twerked to the hits of the mid 2000s. We grew close over the next forty-five minutes as I told the makeup artist why I was there–later that night I was going to see my ex-boyfriend at a dinner party. When he proudly shoved a hand mirror in my face so I could admire his work, I saw a stranger staring back at me and a clock assuring me that I was late as usual. Fearful that I would not receive my complimentary mini lipgloss, I bit down hard on my tongue to avoid informing this artiste that he should stick to tawdry dance moves–his only true talent–and raced off to Brooklyn. Hours later, I sat silent, as everyone shared stories of traveling and graduate school. I have never lacked for an anecdote in these social situations, however, the empty chair across from was me was a glaring reminder that my ex-boyfriend had failed to show up. I had foundation running down my neck for no reason at all. Just as I thought the party could not get any more painful two guys showed up with lots of beer.

Despite being handsome, obviously interested in me and laden with beer, I instantly disliked Christopher because I was clouded with anger. So, I spent the evening giving him the cold shoulder while chugging his beer and becoming chummy with the other single lady. The party ended and Chris and I sloppily walked to the subway. As the train barreled down the tunnel he looked at me with a mixture of hope and fear–an emotion I would not see again until our wedding day–and asked for my phone number. I obliged because I was tired and could not think of a fake one. The train doors opened and I expected him to follow me on but he declined. He wished me good night and promised to call the next day. That night I traveled home even angrier than I had been before: did this fool just leave me to ride the subway by myself?


When Chris called the day after I was taken aback. I thought all men had the same rules when it came to dating in New York City: never call when you say you will. He even remembered that I was hoping to become a yoga instructor (ha!) and thought we should take a class together. After accepting his offer I hung up the phone promising myself that under no circumstances was this man going to become a love interest. To assure that we didn’t get up to any funny business I asked my roommate to text me after the class to say something bad had happened and I should head home. Throughout yoga I tried to relax and focus but wound up swallowing laughs as he tried to manipulate his sweat drenched, six foot frame into the poses. I could not believe he was such a good sport about the whole thing. While we were packing after class I kept checking my phone for texts that did not arrive. Halfway through our sushi dinner I realized that not only was I never going to trust my roommate again but that I was in the company of the most delightful man. Dammit.

After four moves, three years engaged, two cross country road-trips, and one French Bulldog we settled back into the city where we met to start our lives as husband and wife.


Photos: Jessica Oh Photography

We hope that you’ll be able to join us tomorrow at the 2nd New York NotWedding at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn. We have just a few tickets left so if you want to be there, buy them online now!

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