What a beautiful illustration of living out your wedding vows this couple is. They know what it means to truly love each other through sickness and in health, good times and bad; and the most real part about it is their marriage and love for each other is stronger now than ever. We had the privilege of interviewing our NotCouple for some insight and inspiration on how to keep those vows alive regardless of what life throws at you. We are honored to celebrate Amanda and Chris as they renew their vows tomorrow at the 2nd Athens NotWedding!


What inspires you about each other?
What inspires me about Chris is his determination. He is the most dedicated person I have ever met. If he puts his mind to something, he gets it done. What inspires me about Amanda is her love and dedication for our son. We have had a rocky road with Chase and she had to quite her teaching job to be a stay-at-home mom to care for Chase. Her dedication to Chase’s needs amaze me everyday.

What is the best gift that you have ever given to each other? 
The best gift we have ever given each other is our son, Chase. He is the most amazing human being I have ever set eyes on. He is 2.5 now.  Our experience with Chase has been a rocky road as he was born ten weeks premature on September 20, 2011. I fell deathly ill with a condition called HELLP Syndrome. We were literally down to minutes before losing myself and Chase when I was rushed into an emergency C-section.  Chase spent two months in the NICU fighting for his life and slowly learning to breathe and eat on his own. He is truly our miracle baby.

What is the most awesome part of your marriage? 
The awesome thing about our marriage is our ability to remain best friends through thick and thin.  When you say your wedding vows, you state in good times and in bad, you have to mean this.  We have grown so much closer through the challenges we have been faced with. Chris is my best friend, my go-to person, the one person in the world that can put a smile on my face during the toughest of times.

What is the best advice you can give to other couples?
Your significant other should be your best friend.  The one person you can stand by and go to with whatever life throws at you. Make each other laugh and smile each and every day, even if you aren’t getting along. And never ever go to bed angry at each other!


Photos: Signs and Wonders Photography

We invite you to join us tomorrow for the 2nd Athens NotWedding at the Foundry Park Inn & Spa at 7:00pm. We still have a hand full of tickets left so purchase yours here while they last!

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