Today we have a special announcement for brides still looking to complete their wedding ensemble with the perfect unique touch. We met Nashville photographer Zipporah K at The 1st Nashville NotWedding last year, and since then, she has launched a private side project hand-crafting bridal headpieces. She calls her line “Eden” and fills it with simple, nature-inspired pieces that give wearers the look of just emerging from a garden. I probed her with a few questions about this project, her inspiration and where brides can shop for her lovely creations. Read on to learn more about Eden and buy your wedding’s statement piece today!




What gave you the idea to start a line of bridal hairpieces?
The idea to start Eden was a very interesting one. I used to make similar hair pieces for different photoshoots I would photograph. After a while, I realized that I really love making them and I loved how they complimented a woman in her wedding dress. I was feeling really inspired and I wasn’t finding what I needed in other hair pieces, so I decided to see if I could come up with a collection based on what I was envisioning in my head.

What’s the story behind the name, Eden?
I guess this dates back to my dad. When my siblings and I were born, my dad decided to give us all biblical names. So now every business venture I do I try to give it a biblical name. It’s also a way to share my faith. But as I was trying to figure out a biblical name I wanted something that was also relevant to what I was creating. So, I was driving one day and the Lord gave me the name Eden. It’s inspired by the unfathomable beauty and purity of the Garden of Eden in Genesis.





You say your mom used to make veils, etc. Tell me a little about how this influenced or inspired you. Did you learn the technical skills from her, or are you just a good crafter?
My mom has always been an amazing crafter. She was always creating something different from bridal hair pieces to gorgeous bows and ribbons. Growing up, I would always watch her create different things and she would show me how to do different things. I definitely know I got my craftiness from her. I absolutely love creating; I think it’s in my genes. It’s actually kind of therapeutic for me, and it keeps my creative juices flowing.

How long does it take to make one of your designs?
The process for each design definitely varies. A lot of it depends on the delicacy of the items I am working with. Some of the pieces are made with dried leaves and others are just more sensitive than others. The actual creating typically takes 1-2 hours. Custom pieces take a little longer.




Why did you choose A21 as your charity organization? Tell me a little about them.
When I first began learning about human trafficking a few years ago, my heart completely broke, especially when I learned how much of it is still going on in America. In college I joined a few organizations against human trafficking and almost interned with an organization in California. I learned about the A21 campaign during that time. What I love about the A21 campaign is that they are not just about abolishing slavery, but they are also about educating those who aren’t fully aware of human trafficking. They also work on convicting those who are a part of the slave trade, and they provide shelter and security for those who were the victims of the slave trade. I believe all of these elements are necessary to really make a huge dent in the slave trade industry!

How does your personal aesthetic tie into your headpiece designs?
When I created Eden, I wanted it to be simple but classic. I believe that nature is truly beautiful in its simplest form–kind of like love. Maybe that’s why I love shooting outdoor weddings so much! I absolutely love the outdoors, and I truly feel blessed that I am able to do more with it. So when I start creating a piece for Eden I first think of plants or flowers that I love. Also, a part of that process is just going to the store and exploring. I also think a lot about what would compliment a wedding dress and not take away. Each piece has been significantly thought out, and I absolutely love every piece. Versatility was something I wanted to incorporate, so each of the nature pieces can be worn in at least 3 different ways. They are flexible and they can be attached with or without the ribbon.

Where can the headpieces be ordered?
The headpieces can be ordered on my etsy shop at




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