We’re finally back with our Vendors of the Week! This week, we honor the creative designing duo that is Re:Find Vintage Rentals. Mary Kay and Danielle joined us with their beautiful treasures at The 1st Athens NotWedding. Their lounge spaces were unique and perfectly tuned to the color scheme provided.

refind1Image by From the Hip Photography

What is the best part about your job?
Where to begin. Mary Kay and I met a little over 4 years ago while antique dealers at a monthly show and became fast friends. It is such a great feeling knowing you get to work alongside your best friend as they know you (quirks and all!). We gel well together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses (even if it is food related). The trust we have for one another makes every day fun and rewarding. We both feel so fortunate to work at something we love together.


refindvintage10Images by Chloe Giancola Photography

What are some habits you’ve formed that help you stay afloat (financially, mentally, emotionally) as a small business owner?
Mary Kay and I both have families, so making time for both them and our new business is very important. We have realized that creating schedules and keeping them have helped us to split our valuable time between our two loves: our family and our business. We both knew that starting a new venture could have us over-achieving and working crazy hours, but we knew we didn’t ever want to resent our business or the choices we have made. We sat down and decided to make time in our life for children’s sports, family time, church and our new business. Doing this has helped us to have a small business that we are proud of.

refindvintage9Image by Three Pennies Photography

refind8Image by Lisa Polucci Photography

What has been your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
Aside from meeting the lovely brides-to-be and loved ones in such a unique creative setting, we also loved meeting all the supportive vendors and creating friendships that we hope will last even when the jobs are done. I have a story from the Athens NotWedding that demonstrates how friendly and generous the vendors are: We were in charge of creating an outdoor lounge area and had finished putting on the last touches just minutes before our vendor dinner. Mary Kay and I had just changed into our dresses and heels when we felt the first drops of rain. As we ran back into the venue, we could see our “friendors” running towards our space. Everyone had jumped in and helped us deconstruct our space and save it from the rain within a matter of minutes. We were so thankful for all their help and realized what an amazing group of people we were lucky enough to work with.

refind7from-the-hip-notwedding_60Image by From the Hip Photography


To see more of what Re:Find Vintage Rentals has to offer you:
Website | Facebook | 678.750.3463

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