Here at The NotWedding, we love handing off all the great leads we find for fun things in the creative vendor world. We’re very excited to start our season’s greetings off by announcing a new studio in the Atlanta area! Two of our NotWedding family vendors, Kaitie Bryant Photography and Puddleduck Paper Co. are teaming up to create a holiday package deal you will NOT want to pass up. Keep scrolling for some words from the photographer and for more details about your DREAM photo sessions and holiday cards.




I love creating images – not just pressing the shutter release on my camera, but for most of my career in photography I have been limited in the spaces that were available for me to create images. Everyone loves a good field picture with a beautiful sunset in the background, but I wanted to be able to shoot a greater variety of images with more control over the light instead of being controlled by the golden hours of the day. Couple this desire with a love for simple portraits on a grey or white backdrop in an Irving Penn style (famous American fashion and portrait photographer) and it seemed the most natural step to venture out and begin my own studio. I came up with the name, Canvas Studios, because that is exactly what I intended the space to be, i.e. a blank canvas where photographers could create their own shoots. The studio has an incredible amount of natural light, and originally I was more drawn to natural light photography, but as I began to experiment with studio lighting I realized how much I loved being able to control the light and modify it in so many different ways. My eventual goal with Canvas Studios is to open it up as a space for other photographers to rent out and create their own dream shoots.

My first photo sessions at Canvas Studios are the Goodness & Light Holiday sessions on Saturday, December 7th. These will be 45 minute sessions at the studio with a mixture of non-holiday photos (i.e. portraits without confetti or snow) and holiday photos that incorporate different holiday props (i.e. Christmas trees, glitter, tinsel, etc). The style of these shoots is patterned after holiday fashion campaigns that you may see in Gap or J.Crew advertisements. Puddleduck Paper Co. is offering 20% OFF all holiday cards when you book a Goodness & Light session and free rush processing on holiday card orders. The images will be available by December 12th and ready to turn into holiday gifts or even New Year’s cards for those of us who find it hard to get everything done in December. There are only a limited number of spots available, so contact me at if interested!

– Kaitie Bryant



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