Good morning, love story lovers! We’ve got a special treat for you today. Our midwestern debut is happening in Wichita next week, so it’s about time we got you acquainted with the lovely couple whose vow renewals our guests will be witnessing. I’ve come to think of Tim & Amy Pile as the original hipsters of the West. They’ve got an edgy tattooed look that meets their rugged cowboy flare with just a touch of “stick-it-to-the-mainstream”. I mean, check out Amy’s raw umber colored wedding dress (with her maids in white, no less!), or the steely model stares they flashed at their NotWedding Save the Date shoot. NotWedding naturals, to be sure. They’ve submitted a little love story timeline and their sweet engagement day from both perspectives. Enjoy getting to know our Wichita couple!







tim and amy timeline

March 19, 2010: Backwards-hat-wearing, tattooed Boy asked Pearl-snap-shirt-wearing, tattoo-free Girl to dance
March 21, 2010: Boy asked Girl to lunch at Pei-Wei
October 7, 2010: KSU Girl asked UN Boy to KSU vs UN Football Game
(UN stomped KSU…Girl not happy)
February 2011: Girl moved to Wichita
March 2011: Girl traveld to Kenya, Africa
May 2011: Boy traveld to Kenya, Africa
June 19, 2011: Boy asked Girl to go steady
July 15, 2011: Boy fell in love with Girl
July 23, 2011: Girl got 8 staples in the head after wake-boarding accident
(…on Boy’s boat)
September 8, 2011: Boy bought Girl a tattoo
November 11, 2011: Boy asked girl to marry him…Girl said YES!
June 15, 2012: Boy and Girl live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

October 15, 2012: Boy and Girl renew vows at The 1st Wichita NotWedding!


engagement on 11.11.11!

Tim’s Perspective + Amy’s Perspective

Where do I even begin with this crazy story called, “Tim and Amy?” In July of 2011, Amy and I were at Grand Lake with my whole family. Word got out to all of them that I was in love with Amy Sornson. When asked about it, I was quite upfront with everyone. “November 11th, I will be proposing to this cute girl.” So, once word got out that it was going down 11.11.11, I had to keep it from Amy.

Friday, November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) was approaching. Tim and I had wanted to do something fun, so we planned a trip to KC to see friends, family and enjoy a weekend away. I knew Tim wanted to propose on 11-11-11, as he had made mention of it before. He let me know that week that he would NOT be proposing because “he could not find a ring, as my request was rather unique.”

When November came around, I had to convince Amy that I wanted to spend 11.11.11 with her in KC for the simple fact of celebrating 11.11.11 with her, and that proposal had nothing to do with the trip. The most convincing way I had to trick her was to play off that I just couldn’t find the perfect ring. “I looked and I looked, and nothing.” I told her I had given up and that when we got back from KC, we would go to ring shops to start all over looking for the right ring together.

I thought he might be trying to use my gullibility to his advantage as he frequently does, but when he asked if we could go look at rings again next week I began to believe he was serious. He seemed really down about the situation and so was I, but I wanted to cheer him up. I began to say things like, “I am glad you’re not proposing tonight because my nails aren’t looking too good” and “I think it’ll be good to get some more counseling under our belt before we get engaged.”

She bought it. She almost bought into too much. She was trying to make me feel better that it wasn’t happening that weekend — she even started listing off reasons why she was glad it WASN’T happening that weekend. I was scared she was going to say something she would regret.

We had dinner that night at the Melting Pot on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. They took us to this very private room in the back with just enough seating for two. I made mention that “this would be a great place to propose if you were going to tonight ;)”

While at the Melting Pot, I was texting a friend who is a photographer and happened to be in KC for the weekend. I was setting up the right place to pop the question and to have the photographer there. Amy thought I was texting another friend of ours, Ashley, who was also in KC for the weekend.

After dinner we walked around the Plaza to spend some time as we waited to meet up with friends. He walked me over to the JC Nichols Fountain. There was a couple sitting on a bench close to us and I wanted to walk to the other side, but Tim insisted we stay.

Amy and I write notes to each other every so often. I had been going on and on about this note I had written for her that she just hadn’t found. It was driving her crazy. Once we got to the fountain and I saw the photographer sitting on a bench, I pulled Amy closer and told her I had that letter she had never found.

He then pulled out a note that he had written to me. A month ago, he told me about his note and that it was hidden somewhere for me to find. Its location had been bothering me for a month and I was happy to finally find it! I read aloud about his love for me, what has brought us to today, and what his intentions were for our future.

When she got to the end of the letter, I dropped a knee and asked the question. Right then, the photographer jumped up to catch the candid moment.

What was said after that is all a blur, but “yes” was uttered in there somewhere. It was an amazing end to 11-11-11.


Images by Jessica Noelle Photography

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