Ok, family, we’ve got a very important post to share today, so listen up! Today we’ll be highlighting one of our vendors who has been so faithful to come to our events, participate, market himself and be tons of fun, but whose business is inherently difficult to show off practically at an event. What he’s got going is more than worth the blog space AND your time, so get pumped to learn more.

Aaron Byrum is a man who I would describe as having Multiple Talent Disorder. He has a knack for networking, creativity, humor, photography, engineering and running an app-based company called BowTied. I cannot possibly stress enough how awesome I think this app is, except perhaps to admit that a percentage of my excitement for getting married someday is dedicated specifically to making a BowTied account…
Read on and enjoy Aaron’s third-person account of The Confirmed Origins of BowTied.


What is it and where did it come from?

BowTied is the brain spawn of the wedding photographer/engineer/entrepreneur Aaron Byrum, who calls the Charlotte Metro area of North Carolina home. After 7 years of photographing weddings, Aaron and his beautiful, wonderful, intelligent and rational wife determined that the best weddings came to fruition because of effective communication. Acting on this discovery, Aaron locked himself in his lab (or played on the beach, the history is a bit fuzzy) and began fusing wedding communication with technology. After at least 30 minutes of sweaty research, Aaron concluded that there are three primary groups associated with any wedding; Brides (Supreme Ruler, Empress, Administrator), Guests (minions, friends, family), and the Pros (Vendors, The Help). One looming question had to be answered, “How can technology help each group communicate with the other?” The answer sprang upon Aaron like a hungry tiger cub learning to hunt. “A network! They all have to be in the same network!” And thus BowTied was born; a mini-network around each wedding.

BOWTIEDcommunication triangle

Now that you know where this homogenous mixture of communication and technology came from, what should you do with your new insight? It’s simple really. You have 3 options:

If you’re getting married, then BowTied would like to be the network hub of your wedding. All you have to do is Register, Create a Wedding, and Invite your Guests and Pros. Forget those crazy long urls, passwords, and hoops that you normally need to jump through. Just shout to your crew “BOWTIED!” They’ll follow your battle cry straight to invitation victory!

If you’re attending a wedding, then make your life easier and up to 15 times better by letting your friend, family, or enemy know about BowTied. Once they’re in, you can join their wedding, then sit back and enjoy a technology experience the likes of which you never thought possible.

Are you a wedding professional? No, we don’t mean you attend a lot of weddings. We mean you were hired to provide a product or service, fire eater?, for someone else’s wedding. If you answered yes (especially to eating fire!) then Sign Up with BowTied, create your company profile, and then join those weddings that you’ll help make amazing. Don’t have any brides on BowTied? Be a friend and let them know; it’s your professional and patriotic duty.

Are you scared? Don’t be. This is a magical journey filled with unicorns, rainbows and, best of all, squiggly BowTies. Oh, and the ticket for this journey is FREE! So what are you waiting for? The train is pulling away from the station, bound for wedded bliss!

Get your ticket at www.bowtied.com
Pick up your train schedule over at www.facebook.com/bowtied
Oh, and in case you were wondering about the name, Aaron has a long and storied history with bow ties. It is rumored that on occasion he handcrafts his own.


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