A new vendor of the week to put on display! This week, we are featuring Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio. She is a vendor who totally “got it”- she did some incredible work, networked well, rebranded her business and jumped in there to get things published… She really harnessed the exposure from The NotWedding to launch herself, and we are so proud of her!



Image by Katie Rivers

Describe a highlight or pivotal moment in your career:

I stumbled across The Notwedding on Facebook as one of my friends had
“liked” it. I did some online searches and was blown away by what I
found. I applied to become a vendor for the event with little expectation
of even hearing back from them. Well, I did hear from Callie and Michal
and I have participated in three Notweddings in Atlanta. It has been the
single biggest catalyst in my career! I am so thankful they took the risk
with a designer they didn’t know.

GMStudio B Photography (3)

Image by Studio B Photography

Describe the ultimate/perfect bride/client:

Collaborating with a bride or client is fun and exciting as we put all of
our ideas on the table. What makes for a great client is one that has come
to me for that special “Gertie Mae’s” signature look and will allow me
creative freedom with their color pallet and vision. It is helpful to have
some suggested flowers, but if I am held to exact equations it leaves
little, if any room, for free-flowing creativity. The perfect bride/client
has retained me because they love my work! When given the freedom to be
playful and imaginative, I am able to create designs that are truly works
of art!

GMKatie Rivers PhotographyImage by Katie Rivers

List three good decisions you’ve made in your business:

One of the first and most important decisions I made after my first
NotWedding experience was to rebrand my company and relaunch a more
relevant and updated website
. I had the help of a fellow vendor I met and
began networking with from that event. Thanks to Jamie Jimenez of Julia’s
, my website is an asset to my internet presence.

Secondly, I became more diligent with my networking which allowed me to
participate in creating styled photo shoots with the many generous
vendors we have in our area. This has been one of my biggest tools in the
marketing of Gertie Mae’s Floral Studio.

The last of the three best decisions is really not a chosen one. It is
mandatory in the technological era we are living and working in.
I jumped into the social media pool with both feet. I work hard to keep up
with all of it and stay current with the updates and changes that are
constantly happening. I still have a lot to learn and I ask for help when
I need it.

GMBuffy Dekmar Photography (3) Image by Buffy Dekmar Photography


Gertie Mae’s can be found online as well as:
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