Today is the day Athens gets added to the list of NotWedding party cities! A number of our team graduated from UGA and have some wonderful memories in that fair city. We love the Athens scene in general and can’t wait to party it up with all you fine fiancés and other guests! In honor and preparation for the event tonight, we’ve got a blog post that will help you get to know the couple that will be renewing their vows and serving as our adorable (I mean…scroll down and check out those photos) NotCouple. They will sincerely reaffirm their love and commitment to each other while showcasing the work of a number of small-business wedding vendors in the Athens area and beyond. They have a special connection to the venue, and have shared a valuable love lesson to boot. We’re thrilled to share the story of Katie & Andrew Rasmussen!



“The most random meetings sometimes turn out to be the very best. Andrew and I met a little over 3 years ago at the same place we will now be having our Not Wedding. Andrew was a bachelor in the Men of the Classic City Bachelor Auction at the Melting Point.. As soon as he walked over to talk to me that night, I became more and more smitten. Not only was he incredibly handsome and funny, he was open and honest about his love for The Lord. I knew I was in for it now. I had this strange feeling all night that this was it-this was the man I had been waiting for.

After hours of talking, I didn’t end up buying him, but still got him to take me out. And so it was that my very first instinct was completely right, and we dated for a year and a few months before he proposed to me in a candlelight room filled with flowers and letters we had written each other. We have been married since June 30th, 2012. The hottest day Athens, GA has ever seen, literally, and our reception was complete with a Purple Rain serenade by none other than Andrew.

Our marriage has been the biggest blessing in my life. It hasn’t always been perfect, but it has taught me what love truly is. True love is more than a feeling, it is a commitment. It is being that person’s partner for no matter what this life brings, and sacrificing to serve them above yourself. My marriage has taught me about unconditional love and is the best reflection of God’s love for me I have ever known.

And sometimes its just the little things: Its that Andrew kisses my forehead every day before he leaves for work. Or its that I take the 3 cups he accumlates by his bed every night downstairs in the morning to put them in the dishwasher so he won’t run out. (One time I stopped and we got up to 20 cups on the nightstand before he noticed we were out of glasses!) What I have learned is marriage isn’t necessarily about just your emotional love, but about to the loving service of one another.”

-Katie Rasmussen




2013-09-12_0001Images by Courtney Dox Photography

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