This week’s vendor of honor is a throwback from The 6th Atlanta NotWedding earlier this year. Joe of O’Studios Photography did an AMAZING job of turning out stunning and unique photos of our bridal party, and we have been continually wowed by him ever since. We’ve got a little mini-interview from him below with questions about his business and examples of his work. Enjoy!


2013-08-23_00022013-08-23_0008Joe & his wife, Becca: Ryan Flynn Photography | Seattle

Describe a highlight or pivotal moment in your career.

I’ll have to say, the most pivotal moment of my career was my first vendor-networking event for a group called One Stop Wedding. By this point, I had been shooting for a few years but my business had very little industry exposure. Thanks to Mao Thao (Four Inch Fold), a member of the One Stop Wedding, I was invited to join the group and had the opportunity to meet incredibly talented vendors in the industry. I believe this moment set me on a path to land a spot in the The 6th Atlanta NotWedding. I’m now beginning to see the fruits of my exposure through The NotWedding—-definitely feels like I’m on my way, so be on the look-out!



What is the best part about your job?

What I love most about photography is being able to freeze moments that my friends and clients will cherish forever. I’ve always been fascinated with images—whether drawn, stumbled upon, created, or captured; I seriously can’t get enough. My wife, Becca, and I love meeting new people which makes this job even better; at some point you may even catch Becca cutting some rug at a few receptions.



Describe the ultimate/perfect bride/client.

I always like to work with clients that I connect with. I live to grow and expand my craft—for me, photography is art whether it’s a droplet of water on a branch, or a loving groom holding his bride for the first time. I’ve been very fortunate to have had many amazing clients and friends allow me to express myself and present them images that highlight their personalities, reflect my vision, and capture the small moments in-between.



List three good decisions you’ve made in your business.

By far, the three best decisions I’ve ever made were to actively pursue connecting with people in the industry, upgrading my gear, and applying to The NotWedding. All three of these have allowed me to work and interact with some amazing people and better realize who I am as a photographer.



What has been your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?

I would have to say that the Pre-Event Bridal Shoot was by far my absolute favorite slice of The NotWedding pie. Corresponding and planning the session with so many different artists who took a concept and made it their own was nothing short of amazing. I can’t thank Callie, all The NotWedding peeps, and every single vendor involved, enough for this opportunity. Cheers to you all.



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