This week we are proud to feature Audrey Wagner King of French Knot Studios as our vendor of the week! She has a knack for all things lovely and creative, and we’ve been blessed to have her designs at The 1st New York City NotWedding AND The 1st Charleston NotWedding. We’ve had her answer a few questions about a few of her favorite things and life in the small business world.



What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is a tie between creating lovely details in my studio (for photo shoots, events like The NotWedding, and my own creative outlet), and working with brides to plan and style their wedding. So often these fabulous gals (and sometimes guys) have wonderful ideas that they can’t quite get to fruition. I love brainstorming, collaborating, and wowing them with the finished product. Being a part of one of the best days in someone’s life is a delight.


Is there an app or computer program that you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without Pinterest. Though like many wonderful things, it’s a blessing with a dash of curse. Communicating ideas with couples and industry professionals is a breeze with Pinterest. Everyone can share ideas, comment, and collaborate. The only downside, is with so much eye candy it can be hard to streamline the ideas. Some clients want everything, and it all doesn’t always go together. Or they want the moon, but the budget can only get us to, ummm, Pittsburgh (for example). So there’s always a bit of reigning it in, and reality check. But as I always say, I’d rather streamline and edit, than try to pull more ideas and info out of someone.

What is some advice you’d give to aspiring small-businesses?

Being a small business owner isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes motivation is tricky, and when you make something beautiful in a studio all by yourself, there’s no one to show it off to. Thank you, Instagram (my other favorite app). Creating in a vacuum is impossible, so having friendors and events, like The NotWedding, are great not just for the obvious networking, but also getting great feedback on your ideas. But at the end of the day, working for yourself is wonderful: you get to do it your way, in your pajamas (sometimes), and for the most part make up your own schedule.

All photos by Izzy Hudgins Photography

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