How far in advance should we book our honeymoon?
Where should we go?
How can we get the best deal?

If you’ve asked yourself any of these questions, not to worry, Destination Wedding Experts is here with our Top 5 Honeymoon Planning Do’s and Don’ts.

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When you’re knee deep in the throws of wedding planning and its time to start nailing down all those little honeymoon details, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. These simple tips can help you manage the stress and navigate planning the picture perfect honeymoon!

Don’t let “deals” be your guide.
Do let your budget be your guide.

There is a difference between being deal driven and budget conscious. Look for a honeymoon package that is a good value, not a good “deal”. Compare the benefits, amenities, and features, not just the price.

Don’t be fooled by flawless pictures.
Do work with a travel planner that’s actually been there!

We all know that looks can be deceiving, so don’t rest your honeymoon plans on a handful of overly-photoshop’d images. Instead rely on a real person that has actually been there. Someone that can give you that insider, first hand experience of what dishes to try and where’s the best spot on the beach.

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your trip.
Do book early for best availability & value.

Some boutique resorts or unique room categories fill up a year in advance. And the cost of airfare increases as your travel date approaches. So, when it comes to booking your honeymoon, the earlier the better! Many resorts offer early booking incentives and most packages don’t require final payment until 6 weeks prior to arrival so you’ll have plenty of time to pay off your trip too!! Not to mention, that it just feels great to mark things off the list, right?!

Don’t plan your honeymoon alone.
Do work with a knowledgeable travel agent.

Where do you get your travel planning advice, suggestions, & inspiration? From a real person that has walked on the beach, ate in the restaurants, slept in the beds, and that you can actually talk to. Or do you

Don’t let your friends or family plan your trip.
Do choose a destination that fits your style.

Choose a destination and resort that fits your personality and style. Don’t travel somewhere because you know someone that went there, find the honeymoon getaway that is perfect for you!

My final little tidbit of advice. You don’t have to spend countless hours researching destinations and reading conflicting resort reviews; instead find a knowledgeable travel agent to work with. Show some small business love and book with a local travel agent, rather than booking direct with a big resort chain. Often, it’s the same price!!

So if you’re ready to unload a few wedding responsibilities, we’d be happy to help! Destination Wedding Experts is a full-service boutique agency specialized in honeymoon & destination wedding travel, we have a team of qualified travel designers that will work with you one-on-one to find the best destination, resort, and customize a package that perfectly fits their style and budget. And you won’t pay extra for any of our time saving services- they’re all completely free when you book with us. Submit an online quote request, sit back, relax and we’ll do the rest!

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