This beautiful spoken word poem was written by the same man who wrote the ceremony piece we use at all of our events! He wrote this poem about his wedding day. We hope it offers some inspiration to brides and grooms to express their love (and maybe even their wedding vows!) to each other in creative ways.



Image by Expressions by Brandy Photography

For Alfie
I love to see you smile.
I love the way your face illuminates mine.
Each gaze I take causes a cessation of time and space.
it escapes me as to what was on my mind
as my mind escapes into the lines and shapes of your eyes.
How much time they would take to describe.
How much time they must have taken to create.
My life isn’t the same since I’ve been placed in your line…
of sight
But when the time was right I found you right in time…
How many lines could I write,
how many rhymes,
would provide the caption to what I’ve been captured by.
You have captivated my captive eyes.
as I wait
for you to remove your hand from the face that you chose to hide.
As if your smile needed shade.
As if I needed a break.
Until then
I’ll focus my gaze inside
your kind ways provide the weight behind your frame
the beauty under your skin.
The love you have for your creator
has created a masterpiece within.
Your smile… is just … a glimpse.

– Sean Grant

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