This week we are so proud to be featuring Field & Feather from The 1st New York City NotWedding. Owner Dana Pruskowski had such amazing designs and asthetic! She’s just starting her company and was so enthusiastic about the feedback she’s already gotten from the event that she wants to participate in the next event! This is our way of telling her we can’t wait to have her back (and telling YOU why you should be there to see it). 
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Describe a highlight or pivotal moment in your career

Launching a small business is very personal, especially in the creative industry. When you finally decide to show the world what you have to offer, it’s a little scary. There’s some second guessing and comparisons to what accomplishments other businesses have already made before you. And so for me, the most pivotal moment was putting that all aside, and letting Field & Feather finally exist and start to grow. Those first few days, there was no turning back. I mean, we had a Facebook page, so nowhere to hide now, right!? It was life changing to finally have a creative outlet to share with the industry, exhilarating, and was great to finally make the decision to stop waiting for the perfect moment. Time would and will give us growth as a company, and along the way, we’re going to have so much fun.


What is the best part about your job?

Not only am I able to be creative and hands-on with design elements, but I also get to use the other side of my brain that is sometimes embarrassingly logistical and detailed. I’m not sure how I was able to manage both (business father/artist mother perhaps?), but that is one of my favorite aspects and creates a balance for me personally. The other is of course being able to create an aesthetic experience that goes above and beyond what your clients had ever imagined. At the end of the day, we are just happy that people are coming together, but if we can make the space look amazing and cool, well that’s truly the best part.

2013-06-28_0008First image: Jessica Oh! Photography

List three of your favorite small businesses

My first stop whenever I stop home to Pittsburgh (after getting a hug from the family), I can’t go in without buying a new piece of jewelry or dress. It’s not possible.

Instant inspiration when you walk into this shop. I’m proud to say I witnessed them grow and evolve into a creative hub while living in this hip little San Diego neighborhood. Everything between their 4 walls is probably currently on your Pinterest boards from airplants and sofas to local artist’s paintings and jewelry. Love them.

In God We Trust
I’ve started a slight obsession with their $18 sunglasses and beautifully handmade gold jewelry (gold wishbone bracelet, hello), made locally in Brooklyn.

2013-06-28_00074 Images by: Jean Spencer Photography

What has been your favorite part of The NotWedding experience

It’s so cliché, but the teamwork. When you are involved in the event business, you know what the day of event prep looks like – it’s a mess, ha, it really is. There is so much set-up going on simultaneously and so many last minute details being edited, changed, fixed, etc, that an outsiders perspective would think it’s insane. (I know this, because my boyfriend looked wide eyed as he stepped into the chaos, but I assured him it was typical and would all come together) But for me, that’s why I love it, it is thrilling each and every time. When the guests entered the doors that evening at The NotWedding, I was so proud of each and every vendor. The space was exquisite and only a few of us knew what it looked like only hours before!

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