Decisions, decisions…..


A common question among people who aren’t even engaged is “What would be your idea of the perfect honeymoon?”. Some element of the human psyche is fascinated by the question of what others consider romantic and honeymoon-appropriate. For some, it’s simple camping in some chilly mountain cabin. For others, it’s unquestionably an entirely beach-filled, don’t even bring shoes, “What do you mean you don’t serve it right out of the coconut??” trip. But for those of us who have a little more trouble making decisions (“Should I get the M&M Blizzard, or the Oreo??…” *brain melts*), the travel professionals over at Destination Wedding Experts based in South Carolina have the perfect tool. We HIGHLY suggest taking this potentially telling (and fun!) Honeymoon Quiz on their website. Your results might just offer the perfect suggestion for all your confusing and combined preferences.


honeymoon2*Photos taken from the Destination Wedding Experts website

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