The NotWedding proudly presents our Vendor of the Week, Claudia Mejerle! Claudia is more than just a makeup fanatic — She’s an artist. She sees every face as an opportunity to enhance natural beauty so that it can be radiated out into the world with the utmost confidence. We are so impressed by her vision, her mission and her passion, that we couldn’t help highlighting her as a Vendor of the Week. Read on for a short interview with the artist herself!

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Claudia joined us for The 4th Atlanta NotWedding where she did beautiful work on the bridal party. She has an uncanny knack for matching makeup profiles to the general style and feel of an event or outfit. Here’s a picture of the three NotWedding bridesmaids she dolled up!

2013-06-12_0005(once like a spark) photography


What is the best part about your job?
The best part of my job is my freedom. Freedom to do what I love. Freedom to do business the way that I want. Freedom to choose who I work with and surround myself with. Freedom to develop my own style. Freedom gives me complete ownership of my work. And I have learned that having ownership of work is my biggest motivator. It’s so fun and rewarding for me to play a part in every aspect of my business: marketing, networking, researching, invoicing and of course doing my art. Owning my own business requires more work than I could have ever imagined, but I work harder than I ever have in my life because I love what I do.


Describe the ultimate/perfect bride/client.
The perfect client is someone who trusts me. Trust is such a huge part of what I do since it involves your appearance. I work with people who have hired me because they like my style and my previous work. But I really enjoy the clients that hire me because they like my work and trust that I will do the same great work for them. I love working with people that communicate their vision to me and let me do the rest.

2013-06-12_0003Engagement shoots

What has been the scariest part of owning a small business?
The scariest part of owning a small business is the unknown. For me, there were a ton of unknowns because I had never owned a business. I had a lot to learn about the “business side” of owning a business. I didn’t know who would hire me, but I trusted that because I was doing what I loved and had a passion for, I couldn’t help but be successful. There is no doubt that if you do something you enjoy, you will do anything to make it work.


What has been your favorite part of The NotWedding experience?
The NotWedding is awesome. I had admired The NotWedding from afar when I first saw photos several years ago from one of their “weddings”. I just thought it was the neatest concept that brought wedding creatives and brides together. But what became my favorite part after participating in The 4th Atlanta NotWedding, was the community the organization has created. There is an incredible, talented community not just in Atlanta, but all over the country, for small creative businesses. All of the vendors that participate become part of a lasting network of friends, supporters, encouragers, inspirers and cheerleaders that make owning a small business in this industry that much more rewarding. I have met some of my favorite people and businesses through The NotWedding and participating in it was the best way for me to kickstart my business.

2013-06-12_0004Headshots, Portraits and Commercials


*Photos taken from the Claudia Mejerle website
Claudia’s work has been published on Snippet & Ink, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake, Utterly Engaged and Rue Magazine, as well in the pages of Occasions Magazine, Atlanta Weddings Magazine and Modern Luxury.  She is also a beauty correspondent for Cotton Candy Magazine.

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