2013-06-10_0011The Long Farewell

So, you’ve got your ticket to an upcoming NotWedding event, you’re pumped and ready to go, but you want to make sure you get the most out of this unique experience, right? We’ve got your back. Here are 8 tips for maximizing your experience with The NotWedding:

1) Bring someone fun with you. If your fiance isn’t the type to appreciate decor or dancing, bring some bridesmaids or your momma!
2) Do your research. Check out the vendors on the website before you come and make mental notes of who you would like to meet.
3) Use your Vendor Guide. We will provide you with a little booklet that outlines who-did-what at the event. Feel free to make notes about the things you really like and the people you really want to meet. If you like Table 4’s design, check the guide to see who created it. If you like the music, the guide will give you the Dj’s name.
4) Eat, drink and be merry. Our vendors are pulling out all the stops to woo you, so be sure to take advantage of all they are offering! Take some time to tear up the dance floor either before or after you enter The Tunnel of Love. Once we open that up, it will be available for the remainder of the night, so don’t feel rushed to head over there.
5) Instagram us! Use #TheNotWedding so we can see the event through your eyes.
6) Spend time in The Tunnel of Love. This is the area where you can meet the vendors who produced the event and get a feel for their personalities. We will also give you a bag that you can use to “trick-or-treat” and collect freebies and marketing info from our vendors.
7) Opt-in to receive info from our vendors when RSVPing for tickets. Our vendors are great about sending low-quantity yet high-quality emails, but if you’re worried about email-volume, create a free gmail account just for your wedding. This way you can be sure to not miss out on any coupons or giveaways they might send!
8) Follow us on Facebook to see photos after the event. You met the photographers, but now you need to see their work!

2013-06-10_0010O’Studios Photography

2013-06-10_0003Mobile Photobooth

2013-06-10_0008Rustic White Photography

2013-06-10_0009(once like a spark) photography

2013-06-10_0004Kaitie Bryant Photography

2013-06-10_0001Majestic Photobooth

2013-06-10_0006Lauren Alisse Photography

2013-06-10_0007Rustic White Photography

2013-06-10_0002Majestic Photobooth

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