Natalie and her husband Parker of Natalie Bray Photography have joined us at both San Diego NotWeddings, and we’ve always loved watching them interact with the guests… somehow they just instantly become best friends with everyone they come across. Natalie also proved that she’s a superhero when she photographed the most recent San Diego NotWedding just FOUR DAYS after delivering her baby girl Harper. Four days!!! They were also chosen as one of the “Photographer’s We Love” in the most recent edition of Exquisite Weddings Magazine, and we’re just beaming with pride over here to see all that they have accomplished.

We invite you to learn a little from this new mama’s experience as a wedding photographer, and we absolutely encourage you to check out their gorgeous photos on her website.


What is the best part of your job?
Well that’s a hard one because I absolutely loooove everything about being a Wedding Photographer! It is creative, fun, and an amazing way to be in the moment at all times. We meet the best couples and share in all the awesomeness that is a love. It’s more than just seeing through the lense and taking a pretty photo, but photography is connecting with couple to truly capture their story. It’s seeing the moments that most don’t see, triggering a memory with each image. I love that we get to share in truly beautiful and heartfelt moments with our images. Also, I adore working with my husband. He’s pretty great :).

Is there a app or computer program you couldn’t live without?
Lightroom! Oh my…I have a love affair with this software! It is my main source for editing. I really try to shoot all my images in camera how you will see them.

What has been your favorite experience about The NotWedding?
The NotWedding is hands down the best bridal show concept! As a bride being able to see everything as it would be is such a value added tool for planning any Wedding. As a vendor I put my whole heart into this event and I get to interact with the couples on a more personal level verses just trying to sell them. It’s fantastic! We laugh and tell stories! I love it!

What are some habits you’ve put in place that help you stay afloat as a small business owner?
I think the best thing I did was establish a proper work/life balance. For instance, ensuring I work from 8-5p, then take time for family and friends. It can be stressful and time consuming owning your own business. Working 24/7 to get going, thinking at all times about what else you can do, how can I make it better, etc. My brain would not turn off. At 2am I would wake up with an idea, then I couldn’t fall back asleep. Yowza. So I bought a note pad and now keep it by my bed. If I get an idea in the middle of the night, then pen in hand and half asleep I write it down and get to it in the morning during work.

This has been especially important since becoming a new mom. I set my alarm and keep track of time, so I am productive, then reward myself with hugs from my sweet daughter or a Pinterest break ;). This has really helped keep my life in order, plus I am a more effective business owner, mother, and wife.


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