You see, back in college, my heart friends and I read an article about making lists. We made lists about everything, including our future husbands. The qualities that I wanted him to possess, the faith that I wanted him to have, the personality I thought he should have, the family that he should come from, and definitely what college football team he should pull for! I know that out of the 100 qualities on my list, if I could find someone that had 75 of them, life would be good. Better than good. I totally changed when I met Harrison. He showed me that I didn’t have to compromise. At all. In fact, I was receiving so much more than my “checklist” of 100 best husband qualities…things that I didn’t even know I wanted before Harrison. He is a gift to me. This is our love story.

He is witty, handsome, smart, faithful and devoted. (#12: Witty, #7: Handsome, and #1: Loves the Lord.) I am spunky, energetic, a tad unconventional and extremely driven. I went to Clemson. He did too. (#20: Understands my love for all things Clemson.)

Growing up in a family of four, my younger brother and I are close. Growing up in a family of six, he and his two younger brothers and younger sister are fun. I’m a girl’s girl and he’s a guy’s guy. (#5: Loves family, #48: Treats my family and friends like his own, #57: His family treats me like I’m one of them, and #75: Our families are friends.)

We made long distance work. Weekend travels, late night phone dates, snail mail and email. He pursued me relentlessly. (#10 Pursues me, #56: Writes notes, and #79: Gives me butterflies.)

I fell in love with him. He asked my parents to marry me. (#2: Asks my parents to marry me and #80: Chivalrous.)

Our prayers were answered. We were married in Charleston in January of 2012 (#33: Loves the coast.). We both have more (and more fun!) siblings than we could have ever imagined. Our parents love each other. We are blessed beyond words.

LaBruce and Harrison will be renewing their vows at The 1st Charleston NotWedding. Come join them!

NotWeddingSaveTheDate119 Photo by Lime Green Photography‘s Save the Date shoot of LaBruce and Harrison for The NotWedding. Many, many more to come from this stunning shoot!

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