Planning a wedding is tough. Most people are willing to admit that. But I believe one of the hardest parts of planning a wedding are the expectations placed upon the day. And these expectations aren’t even necessarily ones other people put on you but ones you put on yourselves.

At the start of my engagement I was unaware of the pressure I would put on myself to meet expectations of ‘the dream wedding.’ My fiancé Matthew and I thought we were contemporary in our opinions on not being held to pointless traditions just because most people do them. But even when we were willing to give up a father daughter dance and a traditional wedding cake we still set boundaries for ourselves that caused stress. We felt we were confined to the timeline and formality of the traditional wedding day. It took us a while, but we are learning that there really is no ‘right’ way to get married. You don’t even have to say I do! (What about “of course!” or “duh!”) The simple statements are sometimes the hardest to comprehend: This is YOUR wedding. No part of your day has to be because this is how it has always been done or because you think it is your only option.


That is one of the fantastic things about The Not Wedding. We LOVE to show you that your day should be just the way you like it and even inspire you to color outside the lines of your personal expectations. Our vendors truly understand that there are no boundaries when it comes to how you want your day to be. And if you haven’t bought your tickets to The Not Wedding in your city, get them quickly so you can see our version of nuptials outside the wedding lines!

Chelsea Mitchell

Bonnie McBRIDE

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