Tidbits is an online magazine of sorts that sends free twice-weekly emails about what’s “chic and local”. We were honored to have them cover the upcoming NotWedding in Atlanta and as new (and raving fan) subscribers ourselves, it was such a treat to see the following pop up in our inbox this week:

“A wedding you’re supposed to crash” …genius. They also included the most precious interview with our Atlanta NotGroom Zac, which we are including below and which you can read in it’s entirety on their website. They are offering a pair of free tickets to the almost-sold-out (whoo hoo!) Atlanta event, so be sure to follow this link to see how to enter. Finally, San Diegans: sign up for the San Diego Tidbits, as they’ll be sending some NotWedding love there later next week!

Whitney Huynh

Where did you meet?
Zac: We met on the dock of the bay. Seriously, I was in the back of my friend’s boat at his lake house and we drove up to the dock where Lauren was sitting. It was very high school. A bunch of guys wanted to hang out with a bunch of girls.

Your best date?
Our first “date,” where I asked her to be mine and swept her off her feet was walking on the beach at night. It was super stereotypical, but it worked and I’ll never forget it. Now that we are old and married we just go to the clubs and dance the night away. I’m kidding. We like bookstores and seeing bands play at an acoustic venue by our house.

Where did you get engaged?
The Big Apple. I flew up to surprise her in NYC.

How did you announce your engagement to the world?
Instagramming of the ring. Classic.

What should brides do to make the planning process more fun for the groom?
Zac: Don’t be afraid to hand some stuff off to us. Now, we don’t want to be in charge of the doilies and mason jars, but the building of trust is great to work in to the wedding planning. Also, set aside some I-promise-to-not-mention-anything-about-the-wedding time.

What was your go-to cocktail when things got hectic?
Things were definitely crazy, but it was more about trying to keep up with taking it all in. I had a glass or two of red wine [the day of] which was just right.

What was your most memorable wedding moment?
I’ll never forget seeing Lauren off in the distance right after I made eye contact with her sister as she rounded out the bridesmaids.

What was your something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue?
[A] penny that her grandmother saved [for] her from her birth year in her shoe, her dress, a hanky from her grandmother that she pinned under her dress, undergarments 😉

What was your most sentimental wedding gift?
Lauren had a picture of her grandfather in a baseball cap who passed away recently wrapped with yarn around her bouquet [that] her grandmother gave to her.

Are you going to wear your wedding dress again?
No way.

Photo booths – cheesy or cute?
Neither. Hilarious party starter and memory storer.

To DIY or not to DIY?
DIY fo sho!

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