We’ve got another knowledge-filled post for you all from our not-so-newlywed surveys! Alright, we all know how easy it is to stress over the minute details wanting to make your wedding YOUR wedding, meaning as personal and unique as it can be. Well, we’re here to give examples, advice, and ways to think outside of the bouquet, the decoration, and ultimately the wedding box.

Tip #1: Throw numbers to the wind.
On of our grooms, Chad Walsh Married in June of 2007, along with his bride chose to name their reception tables after famous couples instead of numbering them. What a classy way to show your style as a couple, highlighting the romantic side of your relationship. You can pull off the same idea with famous love stories, songs, or even poems! Do you and your soon-to-be forever love coffee? Separate tables by roasts! Get creative with it, highlight the characteristics between your relationship that will give you a fun reminder for your future, not just a memory of a fun event!

Tip #2: Make your guests work for it.
Sure, you’ve invited everyone you want to celebrate this love with you, but what’s the harm in making them work a little bit for it? Chad also said they informed their guests if they wanted to see the newlyweds kiss, then their entire reception table had to stand up and sing a love song all together! Leave challenges at each table that require a different reaction from you and your bride or groom whether it be a funny dance or a kiss, let it show who you are!

Tip #3: Leave your thumbprint.
Want to do something special for your groom? One of our brides, the morning of her wedding, left a scrapbook for her groom for when he woke up that highlighted how excited she was and how much she appreciated him. Our groom said this was the most emotional part of his day. What a way to start the first day of the rest of your life with someone else! Would you rather be printed on than leave your own mark? Let others in on the process! Bride Danae said “the best decision we made for our wedding was asking friends and family to help, and then letting them actually be in charge of areas and make decisions about it. Our wedding didn’t end up being everything my husband and I originally wanted, but it did end up showing a lot about our family and community, which I think was more special than anything we could have come up with by ourselves.”

Tip #4: Think outside the bouquet.
The saying is true that just one spark can start a fire, especially for bride Kayla Stagnaro, owner of Muncle Fred Art. She made a move out of the ordinary and added her own touch to her day by making her own bouquet, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements for her wedding. She said, “I love that I was able to create the flowers for my wedding day. It was really special to give them as gifts to my bridesmaids, aunts, mothers, etc. and to have a keepsake for myself. Who would have known that Mucle Fred Art would turn into a full fledged wedding flower business from creating the flowers for our day? For that, we are very blessed!” Not only was Kayla able to add her own style to her and her husband’s day, she was given a platform to begin her own business!

-Sam Cole, a 2013 NotWedding intern and member of The Wedding Stagers

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