We were introduced to White Dress Media just weeks before our Atlanta NotWedding in 2011, and we were blown away by the video they produced from the event. Kaye has an ability to quietly capture every detail and then to weave the footage into an emotional and fun story that feels like you’re watching a Hollywood film. We are thrilled to have them participate this month in their third NotWedding, and we want to honor them as the Vendor of the Week for their quality work, the professional yet fun way they approach business and the big leap Kaye took this year- having her husband Jon join the business full-time!

Kaitie Bryant Photography

What is the best part about your job? The best part of my job is creating emotion and beauty through the medium of a video.

Is there an app or computer program that you couldn’t live without? iCal, I would be a mess without it… though I’m sure there are way cooler calendar apps out there… now that I think about it, I’m going to go look for one.

Describe the ultimate/perfect bride/client. The perfect client for us is one that hires us not just to film and edit their wedding, but gives us the freedom to tell their wedding story through our eyes. Hopefully, clients hire us not because we can operate a camera, but because we know how to piece their story together.

What are some habits you’ve formed that help you stay afloat (financially, mentally, emotionally) as a small business owner. Prayer (sorry if that’s too churchy!) But, I couldn’t be where I am today without constantly praying over my business, and the decisions I make. When I get stuck in a project where feel like I’ve failed, I stop and pray about it… and every time, I start getting new ideas and inspiration, and the project I almost gave up on becomes something I am proud of.

What has been the scariest part of owning a small business? The scariest part of owning a small business is staying in business! With Jon full time now, there is no second income to rely on. But we couldn’t be happier with our decision to work together. He is just as committed to this business as I am and is determined to help it grow every day.

Bryan + Katie // Highlight Film from White Dress Media on Vimeo.

See more of White Dress Media on their website, Facebook and Vimeo.

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