The new bridesmaids dress trends are so fun! The days of wear-once bridesmaid dresses are long gone. Brides are taking into consideration the individual styles of each of their special women. The following are a few examples of things we cannot wait to see more of this year!

Dresses in different hues of the same color

Julie Cate Photography

It is so incredible to see so many shades come together with this trend! All the tones blend and create a cohesive but unstructured look.

Long maxi dresses

Rustic White

This style is great to give the whole wedding group a more formal, consistent feel. It is also great for those chilly outdoor wedding receptions!

Beige dresses

Katie Bryant

Opposite from the different shade of dresses trend, some brides are outfitting their bridesmaids in similar colors as themselves. This look has a very elegant feel and even though the bridesmaids are in similar colors the bride is always striking.

Dramatically different dress styles

Whitney Huynh

Giving your bridesmaids some freedom in the dress design is fabulous! They can show their style while still coordinating with the color you chose. And don’t be afraid to try patterns! Just make sure the dresses pass your approval before the big day.

Bonnie McBRIDE

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