When it comes time to set your priorities for wedding vendors, it is hard to argue against the importance of photography. Which is why deciding on a photographer can be a long process that can turn from fun surfing to complete frustration. When Matthew and I started working on finding a photographer we searched without any restriction. Which brings me to out first tip.

1. Focus your search.
Decide what style your fiancé and you are interested in. Some things to consider: Do you like traditional family poses, or would you prefer candid shots?

Whitney Huynh

Do you want your photographer to be creative with the pictures?


How important are ‘detail’ shots like of the food, rings, and shoes?

Kaitie Bryant

Once you have decided on these things, you can narrow your search to people who excel at the style you like.

2. Use your resources.
If you know friends who recently got married, view their pictures on Facebook and if you like what you see, ask what company they used. Not only will your friends be flattered but the photographer will be thankful too! You can also use resources from major wedding blogs who list vendors but I would avoid searching on Google. I was always overwhelmed with the results.

Blue Lane Studios

3. Meet your photographer!
Matthew and I found a photographer we loved but we wanted to make sure that we felt comfortable with him. Neither of us had spent a lot of time in front of a camera so we wanted to be sure that we felt calm with the person who would be closest to us for most of the day. You can also use this as a time to ask any questions you might have about how the day will run.

Bonnie McBRIDE

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