For all you DIY-type brides out there, you can probably imagine exactly how hard it is to perfect the art of floral arrangement. From curating the color scheme to making sure each bloom lays just right, it’s no secret that a lot of time, energy and creativity goes into making the perfect, wedding-worthy bouquet.

This seemingly impossible task is no match for girl-boss Hannah Flores, though. Her passion for all things floral turned into full-blown career and she’s not looking back! As the owner of Madly + Love Blooms based in San Antonio, Hannah talked to us about her secrets to success, her (seriously beautiful!) floral designs and exactly what it takes to create a successful small business. Check her out in today’s Vendor Highlight.

Tell us a little bit about the story of Madly + Love Blooms.
My company started out of my love for helping friends have beautiful weddings and beautiful flowers! After DIY’ing my own wedding florals a few years back, I found more and more opportunities to help other brides as they inquired with me about floral arranging. Finally, I offered to help a friend who was on a tight budget and from there another friend until I realized I really should be doing this for more than just my friends. I love working with flowers and I love seeing brides faces light up when their color scheme comes together with gorgeous blooms. Madly + Love Blooms is an expression of my joy for all things blooming and all things unconventional and bold in the world of floral design.

What is the best part of your job?   
Honestly, I love it all. The planning stage is exciting. Brainstorming with a bride about her special day is always a new challenge, but worth the effort. I also love the ordering and budgeting aspects because they are a time for me to really test my knowledge of botanicals and the always changing prices going on in the worldwide floral market. Finally, the actual work of designing, though exhausting, can be extremely exhilarating and fun! When the finished product is laid out or handed to the bride in the form of a bridal bouquet, I feel a sense of anxiousness because it is my work being given over for inspection, but ultimately, the end product and the pictures of my work are a special thing to look back on and remember.

Describe a highlight or pivotal moment in your career.
Recently I had the opportunity to appear live on Great Day SA morning TV show to promote The Big Fake Wedding San Antonio with a fellow friendor. I was asked to demonstrate something and give a few tips and pointers to the viewing audience. The nervousness of being live and discussing floral design was intense, however, I ended up loving the few minutes I was given for my segment of the interview and realized I was not as awkward as I had worried I might be. Thankfully I was able to explain how to wire a succulent to put it into a bouquet or a corsage with the few moments I had and POOF it was over and I survived!

What advice would you give to aspiring small business owners?
One of the best things I have done so far is not try to make money. I’ve made money, but since this is my first year of business I am turning it around and putting it right back into my business. Profit isn’t want it is all about, at least not when you are getting started. Focusing on making a good product and becoming known for something like your bridal bouquets is a great start. More money will come and more of the “right jobs” will find their way to you, but as you get started it is important to take the work that comes and be joyful as you do your absolute best with what you are given!
What is your favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience? 
My favorite part of The Big Fake Wedding experience was collaborating with the other vendors. I actually designed pieces for four other vendors while also designing three tablescapes, the bridal party florals and my own tunnel of love table. At the time I felt a bit crazy for having planned to design so many arrangements for everyone else. I thought I should have perhaps done less and focused more on my needs for my tables. However, when it came down to it, doing those designs and helping those vendors really was a huge highlight for me. Not only did I become more acquainted with that particular vendor and their need for the event, but I also built a bit of a rapport and that goes a long way when you are networking with brides and other vendors down the road.
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