Happy Friday eve, everybody! As a special treat we’ve asked our day-of coordinator for The Big Fake Wedding Charlotte, Stacie, to share some of her wisdom with us on the blog today! Stacie, of Solid Rock Events, is a total boss when it comes to wedding planning so asking her to contribute to our day-of coordinator blog series was a no-brainer! Today, Stacie is letting our readers know the 5 things you should not forget during the week of your wedding! Enjoy!

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5 Things Not to Forget the Week of Your Wedding

You have been waiting for your wedding day since the day you got engaged, and it’s finally here! Now it’s the final stretch and your special day is the light at the end of the tunnel. However, the final week before the big day is very important, and there are some things you don’t want to forget.

Confirm the Officiant

Whether or not you have gone through counseling with your officiant, it’s a good idea to confirm that your officiant knows the when/where details of your ceremony. Be sure to grab their phone number to keep in contact until the wedding day!

Don’t forget to have all the Accessories Packed in Your Bag

Packing for the honeymoon is important, but packing a bag for your wedding day attire is just as crucial! Start by laying out a bag in your bedroom a week before, and add a little to it each day. On the fourth day, your wedding day bag should be ready to go, and your honeymoon packing should begin. Make sure to have an extra pair of undergarments, slippers for when you take off your wedding shoes, the garter, jewelry and possibly a second outfit to have for your reception or exit.

Don’t forget the Rings, Ring Bearer Pillow, Guest Book

Don’t forget to bring the rings! Your wedding bands are essential items for your ceremony—be sure you choose a dependable member of the wedding party to hold on to these. And let’s not forget the adorable ring bearer’s pillow to carry the rings down the aisle. Lastly, having a guestbook for added effect at the entrance of the reception is a great way to ensure you remember each wedding guest that attended. You don’t want the day to be a blur!

Don’t forget your Marriage License

Now that you have gone through the steps of obtaining your license to be married, that very vital document is important after the ceremony. One way not to forget the license is to place the document in a colored folder on top of your wedding day bag. Once you get to the ceremony, give your Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator your marriage license.

Gift Exchange

You want to show your guests that you appreciate them coming to share your special day. Not to mention the guests coming in from out of town!  Remember to have those gifts delivered to the hotel. Gifts to your bridal party show how much you love them being there for you. Finally, the gift for your significant other, your soulmate, the love of your life—a reminder of how much you love them.

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